ELECTION NIGHT (Tues, 11/5, 7-11pm, Bellevue Hyatt). Join pro976 team for victory celebration. It’ll be a chance for me to thank you in person for making Initiative 976 such a huge success.

by | Oct 31, 2019

ELECTION NIGHT (Tues, 11/5, 7-11pm). You’re all invited. 976 supporters at the Bellevue Hyatt (free parking!).

From 7-8:30pm, we will be on the first floor near the staircase.

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With supporters all around, victory speech will be given around 7:45pm (polls close at 8). From 8:30-11pm, we will join King County GOP at their election nite party in glitzy Ballroom. Hope you’ll attend so we can hug, high-five, hoop, holler, and celebrate our victory together. Please help us afford this victory night get-together:

And what makes this victory so satisfying?

It’s because we’ve exposed the dishonesty of the entire system:

* IT’S A DISHONEST TAX: Taxing a $10,000 like it’s worth $25K is dishonest.

* SOUND TRANSIT WAS DISHONEST WITH VOTERS: they said tabs would go up $80 but folks received bills that have been $300, $500, $800 or more.

* SOUND TRANSIT WAS DISHONEST WITH LEGISLATURE: they asked for authority for $15 billion and bait-and-switched and increased taxes $54 billion.

* SOUND TRANSIT WAS DISHONEST WITH AG/SUPREME COURT: they said they were using one dishonest valuation schedule, but they were using different (dishonest) schedule.

* DISHONEST ADS: a semi-truck knocked down the Skagit Valley Bridge, not low car tabs. State trooper violated law in different ad.

* IT’S ILLEGAL TO USE PUBLIC RESOURCES TO OPPOSE I-976: State and local governments all across WA used tax money to push their no campaign.

* CAMPAIGN REPORTING LAWS DON’T APPLY TO THE STATE (ONLY ENEMIES OF THE STATE): City of Olympia blatantly violates the law. PDC and AG go silent, no press conferences, no press releases. Ferry workers handing out anti-976 flyers while at work. Taxpayer funded Seattle Aquarium tells voters to vote no. Mailers by No campaign purposely refuse to list top 5 donors even though law requires it. It’s now very clear: the pigs at the trough don’t have to follow our state’s campaign laws, only Enemies of the State do. 

* MEDIA ABANDONS JOURNALISTIC ETHICS, GOES ALL IN FOR THE NO CAMPAIGN. Sound Transit, Big Business, the No976 campaign, all of them spend tens of millions of dollars on advertising that keep much of the media out of insolvency. The Seattle Times assigned reporter Heidi Groover from the Stranger to cover I-976 even though she wrote “Vote ‘Approved’ on ST3 on November 8! All the Arguments Against Sound Transit’s Light Rail Expansion Are Bullsh–“, By Heidi Groover, Oct 25, 2016.  And “Don’t Sign Tim Eyman’s Bullsh–, 2017 Edition, by Heidi Groover, July 12, 2017 … to stop him, decline to sign I-947 and tell everyone you know to do the same.”

I asked the Stranger if they’d publish a pro976 column. “No”

I sent repeated emails to Crosscut’s editor asking same thing – no response.

After a KIRO TV story aired that only included opponents of I-976, I sent text message: “Essex, I was available all day yesterday, I could have driven to you and met anywhere, when doing stories on 976, plZ consider giving me chance to respond. how bout 1 story, just 1, where you report on people paying high vehicle tabs and how it’s different than what they expected? It’s like the whole reason the initiative qualifies is voters being furious about being lied to by sound transit. can’t you do 1 story where you talk with regular taxpayers about that and ask them ‘are you mad about being lied to?’ Again, just 1 story like that? It’ll stand out because all other stories and articles and reports are from the governments perspective – one side of the coin. How bout 1 story about the other side – the taxpayers side – wouldn’t that be good? It’d be novel too.”

Response? None.

So yes, Tuesday’s victory will be especially satisfying given how hard the pigs at the trough tried to stop Initiative 976.