EVEN SCARIER: rants by Seattle socialist no different than Democrats in Olympia

by | Mar 10, 2017

Out of 98 house members, only 10 are elected by Seattle voters.    
          Out of 49 senators, only 5 are elected by Seattle voters.
          So why are swing district Democrats — those elected outside Seattle — pushing for Inslee’s carbon taxes, income taxes, and business taxes?

          Every Democrat in Legislature acts like they were elected by Seattle’s citizens.  Democrats are all the same.  The letter (D) is the new scarlet letter regarding burdening taxpayers with more and more taxes. 

        Seattle city councilmember Kwama Sawant is a self-proclaimed socialist.  Last Friday, I included a clip that shows her demanding the asset confiscation of “the wealthy” to “democratically reallocate” it “for the benefit of the majority.”  Scary stuff.  

        I recently rewatched it and found this even scarier:   

        Her rant:

“We need fundamental change.  We need an overturning of the capitalist oligarchy through a political, economic, and social revolution that puts the power in the hands of the overwhelming majority:  the workers, the youth, and all those marginalized by this oppressive system.”  

“Let us tie our struggle also to the idea of socialism itself.  Because socialism is not only possible but is necessary.  Our fight is not only against Trump and the right wing, but for a different kind of society, for a world based on equality, democracy, and environmental sustainability.  In other words, a socialist world.”  With a raised fist in the air, she ends with the word “SOLIDARITY.”  The crowd bursts into applause.         


          Oppression?  Revolution?  Socialist world?  Her words, her ideas, and the applause is really frightening.   

          But there is something to be said for her honesty.  Because there isn’t a single Democrat legislator in Olympia who isn’t acting and voting exactly as Kwama Sawant would on taxes.  They just hide their socialistic actions behind benevolent words like “for the children.” 

          Inslee’s proposed tax bills will cost taxpayers $51.2 billion.  That’s $3000 for a family of 4.  But Inslee never told the voters about his socialistic tax-hiking agenda.  He hid his plans from the people.  Nearly 2/3 of voters have clearly shown their opposition to higher taxes.  And with Sound Transit’s $54 billion pig-out, taxpayers are totally tapped out anyway.

       Help us fight back against Inslee and the Democrats’ tax-hiking obsession.  While they’re pushing for tax increases, we’re pushing for tax relief — we’re fighting fire with fire.  The Property Tax Fairness Initiative is a bold, exciting proposal that helps everyone.  It cuts property taxes 25% for everyone, caps property tax increases, and eliminates the personal property tax.  It’s all about making property taxes fairer.  Help us make it a reality. 

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© 2020 Permanent Offense