Every Day I’m Politically Active Is Another Day That Fergie’s Fascism Failed To Stop Us

by | Apr 15, 2019

Every day we persist is an astonishing victory for us.

Every day we’re politically active is a humiliating defeat for them. 

Almost everywhere, they rule. They control the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Big Labor gets what they want, Big Business rolls over. The media serves as their stenographer. 

You’d think they’d be satisfied with 99.9% dominance. But they’re not. They’re furious there’s 0.1% they don’t.
That 0.1% is the control you and I have.

Let’s make the most of it.

Winston Churchill: Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.  


* In 2016, we tried to qualify our Bring Back Our $30 Tabs Initiative but fell short. Tried again in 2017 and fell short again.

* In 2017, Bob Ferguson announced he was going after me:

* In April 2018, Karen and I sold off our retirement fund and loaned $500K to kick-start the signature drive for our $30 Tabs Initiative (http://www.timdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Hyperlink-story.pdf)

* In August 2018, my lawsuit challenging the Legislature’s sabotage of the initiative process got a 9-0 ruling from the state supreme court. Eyman v Wyman was probably the most significant victory we’ve ever had. 

* October 2018: EVERETT HERALD: Enforcing campaign financial laws breaks the budget, the agency seeks $900K to pay legal bills arising from case against Mukilteo’s Tim Eyman – “the only hole in our budget is the Attorney General’s cost”

* In November, I filed for bankruptcy (https://mailchi.mp/cb55b8b17dd4/the-governments-brutal-6-year-persecution-of-me-and-my-family-has-resulted-in-bankruptcy-and-divorce).

* In December, we qualified our $30 Tabs Initiative. I wrote: So now all we’re gonna hear from them are stories about me. Tim’s bankrupt. Tim’s divorced. … Get ready for an Eyman-bash-a-thon.”

* In January, the AG bullied my lawyer off the case (http://mynorthwest.com/1245537/tim-eyman-legal-counsel/

* Before withdrawing, my attorney asked the AG “what do you want Eyman to agree to to settle this case?” No response. (https://www.heraldnet.com/news/eyman-for-a-brief-moment-might-have-settled-with-the-state/)

* I asked the judge for a delay to get replacement counsel. Denied.

* I asked the judge to not allow the AG to go after my friends and family. Denied.

* I told the judge I wanted to default. Denied.

* I asked the judge to dismiss the claim for “failure to report” because the law says the treasurer is responsible for reporting and I wasn’t the treasurer. Denied.

* I asked the judge to dismiss the claim for “using campaign funds for personal use” because none of the funds at issue were campaign funds. Denied.

* I filed the “We Don’t Want An Income Tax Initiative” to block the Democrats’ income tax if they pass one.

* I asked judge to get rid of the lifetime ban. Denied.

* My attorney recommended we ask the bankruptcy court to dismiss my Chapter 11 bankruptcy until the final judgement is determined after all the appeals.

* After weeks of back-and-forth, my attorney reached an agreement with the AG — the AG agreed to not oppose the dismissal.

* So we filed it.

* A week later, the AG reneged: not only were they now opposed to dismissal, but they demanded it be “converted” to Chapter 7 (which meant confiscation of our house and bank accounts, including my legal defense fund). 

* I asked my bankruptcy attorney if we could withdraw. No, once the AG filed their reply, we couldn’t withdraw it.

* From his response: “Chapter 7 will liquidate Mr. Eyman’s assets. … Sale of the house would leave the family homeless and turnover of the funds in their accounts would leave them unable to obtain new housing. … Conversion is illogical when a determination of the State’s disputed claims are years in the future. Conversion would create irreparable harm to Mr. Eyman and his family. Conversion would serve only to punish and strip Mr. Eyman of his ability to fight back against the State’s litigation against him and to fight back against the governments constant effort to raise taxes, thereby suppressing the political activity his efforts promote.” 

* Last Thursday, the judge denied the AG’s attempt to confiscate our home, vehicles, personal items, and my legal defense fund. I will remain in Chapter 11 bankruptcy which enables the AG to continue to block me from hiring an attorney.

This is what I’m up against. I’m in a political death match with the Attorney General who is hell-bent to destroy me and stop us. The only reason I’ve survived is because people like you stood with me and stood by me. I hope I’ve done enough and am doing enough to earn your support now. 

Obviously, you’re under no obligation to help, but I hope you will anyway.