Exasperated Republican legislator rips Democrats’ tax hikes

by | Apr 6, 2017

Is anyone in Olympia listening to us, the taxpayers of Washington state? 

         I ask that question a lot when it comes to all our emails to legislators and all my trips to the Legislature to testify against Inslee and the Democrats’ tax rampage in committee.  

         On Monday, the House Finance Committee had a public hearing on the Democrats’ $23.1 billion tax package.  I testified vigorously against it and shared the video with everyone on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, legislators voted on it and all the Democrats voted yes and every Republican voted no.  Before the vote, each legislator talked about it.  All the Dems said they were “proud” to vote for massive tax increases.   

        I watched it all and couldn’t help but smile when it was Republican Cary Condotta’s turn (it’s nice to know that he was listening to me on Monday):    


Condotta:  “… and the fact is the most eloquent testimony yesterday was from — and he isn’t always so eloquent — Tim Eyman who hit it right on the head.  He said that has there ever been a time in this place, at least during the 15 years I’ve been here, where every single tax in the state of Washington is being raised?’ All of them.  You can look at this list.  The ST3, and the property tax piece that we heard earlier, every single tax is under attack.  Higher car tabs, higher property tax, higher B&O tax, higher REET tax, everything.

“I’ve never seen it in 15 years.  This is absolutely amazing.  You add it all up, the numbers have to be — I don’t even know what they are.  There’s no other state that has ever looked at this slate of tax increases in one session.  It is almost beyond belief.

“We have more than enough revenue this year to complete this budget without a single new tax.  I’m telling ya, I think the people have to be startled when they look at this slate.

“I am shocked.  I can’t even believe it.  So I am a big no vote.  The only reason I’m speaking so much is that I just hope I don’t have to speak on this bill again.  Thank you.”

        It’s great that this legislator read your email messages and heard my testimony.  But we need everyone to help Cary amplify his message.

       I ask you — RIGHT NOW — to email this, or something like this to ALL legislators:

“House and Senate members, I firmly agree with Cary Condotta’s on-point comments about the Democrats’ tax package.  I, too, am shocked by it.  I, too, can’t believe it.  With Sound Transit artificially inflating car tab taxes, jacking up property taxes, and hiking sales taxes, there’s nothing left for anything else.  Thank you Rep. Condotta for expressing your exasperation at the enormity of the Democrats’ tax grab — I share it.  As you said ‘We have more than enough revenue this year to complete this budget without a single new tax.’  I absolutely agree with that.  To all legislators: vote NO on any tax increase bills this year.”

         Cut and paste these email addresses into the To line or BCC line of your email — here’s the 98 House members:

sherry.appleton@leg.wa.govandrew.barkis@leg.wa.govsteve.bergquist@leg.wa.govbrian.blake@leg.wa.govvincent.buys@leg.wa.govmichelle.caldier@leg.wa.govbruce.chandler@leg.wa.govmike.chapman@leg.wa.govfrank.chopp@leg.wa.govjudy.clibborn@leg.wa.goveileen.cody@leg.wa.govcary.condotta@leg.wa.govrichard.debolt@leg.wa.govtom.dent@leg.wa.govbeth.doglio@leg.wa.govlaurie.dolan@leg.wa.govmary.dye@leg.wa.govjessyn.farrell@leg.wa.govjake.fey@leg.wa.govjoe.fitzgibbon@leg.wa.govnoel.frame@leg.wa.govroger.goodman@leg.wa.govpaul.graves@leg.wa.govmia.gregerson@leg.wa.govdan.griffey@leg.wa.govlarry.haler@leg.wa.govdrew.hansen@leg.wa.govmark.hargrove@leg.wa.govmark.harmsworth@leg.wa.govpaul.harris@leg.wa.govdave.hayes@leg.wa.govjeff.holy@leg.wa.govzack.hudgins@leg.wa.govmorgan.irwin@leg.wa.govbill.jenkin@leg.wa.govlaurie.jinkins@leg.wa.govnorm.johnson@leg.wa.govruth.kagi@leg.wa.govchristine.kilduff@leg.wa.govsteve.kirby@leg.wa.govbrad.klippert@leg.wa.govshelley.kloba@leg.wa.govjohn.koster@leg.wa.govvicki.kraft@leg.wa.govjoel.kretz@leg.wa.govdan.kristiansen@leg.wa.govjohn.lovick@leg.wa.govkristine.lytton@leg.wa.govdrew.macewen@leg.wa.govnicole.macri@leg.wa.govmatt.manweller@leg.wa.govjacquelin.maycumber@leg.wa.govjoan.mcbride@leg.wa.govgina.mccabe@leg.wa.govbob.mccaslin@leg.wa.govjeff.morris@leg.wa.govdick.muri@leg.wa.govterry.nealey@leg.wa.goved.orcutt@leg.wa.gov; timm.ormsby@leg.wa.gov; lillian.ortiz-self@leg.wa.govtina.orwall@leg.wa.govkevin.parker@leg.wa.govmike.pellicciotti@leg.wa.govstrom.peterson@leg.wa.goveric.pettigrew@leg.wa.govliz.pike@leg.wa.govgerry.pollet@leg.wa.govkristine.reeves@leg.wa.govmarcus.riccelli@leg.wa.govjune.robinson@leg.wa.govjay.rodne@leg.wa.govcindy.ryu@leg.wa.govsharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.govdavid.sawyer@leg.wa.govjoe.schmick@leg.wa.govmike.sells@leg.wa.govtana.senn@leg.wa.govmatt.shea@leg.wa.govvandana.slatter@leg.wa.govnorma.smith@leg.wa.govlarry.springer@leg.wa.govmelanie.stambaugh@leg.wa.govderek.stanford@leg.wa.govmike.steele@leg.wa.govdrew.stokesbary@leg.wa.govmonica.stonier@leg.wa.govpat.sullivan@leg.wa.govgael.tarleton@leg.wa.govdavid.taylor@leg.wa.govsteve.tharinger@leg.wa.govluanne.vanwerven@leg.wa.govbrandon.vick@leg.wa.govmike.volz@leg.wa.govjim.walsh@leg.wa.govjt.wilcox@leg.wa.govsharon.wylie@leg.wa.govjesse.young@leg.wa.govtim_eyman@comcast.net

         Send a separate email for the Senate:


       Sending these 2 emails RIGHT NOW will help a lot BUT ONLY IF EVERYONE DOES IT.

       Help us fight back against Inslee and the Democrats’ tax-hiking obsession.  While they’re pushing for tax increases, we’re pushing for tax relief — we’re fighting fire with fire.  The Property Tax Fairness Initiative is a bold, exciting proposal that helps everyone.  It cuts property taxes 25% for everyone, caps property tax increases, and eliminates the personal property tax.  It’s all about making property taxes fairer.  Help us make it a reality. 


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