Explosive Start For New Initiative! FB Page – Washington For I1648 – Is Taking Off. Keep It Going.

by | Jun 1, 2019

They say in politics:  “you can’t create emotion, you can only tap into what’s already there.”  

There is an enormous amount of resentment and animosity and opposition to this year’s legislative session.

It’s there.

Initiative 1648 is catching fire because of that feeling that’s out there.

11 tax hikes!  $27 billion in new taxes!  Passed on the session’s final weekend, in dead of night, many without public hearings or public participation.  Making WA a sanctuary state!  Forced immunizations!  Tolls bonded and borrowed and lasting forever!  Anti-2nd-amendment mania!  Bringing back systematic racism!  

How can average citizens express their revulsion to all that?

The initiative process is the safety valve that allows the people a productive, peaceful way to respond to out-of-control political arrogance. It’s the reason it’s guaranteed by our state Constitution.

Thanks to all of you, we already have our $30 Tabs Initiative on the November ballot. When voters get rid of vehicle taxes and fees that over the years have been tacked on to our vehicle registration bills, it’s gonna send a strong message.

But killing off $27 billion in new taxes sends an even more powerful message. Expiring all 11 tax hikes on December 5 will force the Legislature to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate the things they did to us this year.  

Right now they think everything is fine and hunky-dory with what they did. All the pigs at the trough are telling politicians “way to go.” But they’ve not heard from the people yet. Our voices were muzzled during the session.  

Much of what Olympia does is based on political inertia — our political system will continue in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force.

And the most effective outside force available to us right now is Initiative 1648. It’s here, it’s now. We’ve got 5 weeks left to change the direction of Washington state FOREVER!

That’s all we’re asking for: 5 weeks of your time, 5 weeks of effort, 5 weeks of incredible fun (being empowered is always fun).