EXPOSED: Inslee’s sleazy secret scheme to raise gas taxes $1 a gallon

by | May 29, 2014

 I absolutely agree with this: 



The truth is out! Governor Jay Inslee, after months of denying his secret plan to impose a hidden gas tax increase, has finally admitted that he does indeed intend to increase the price of gasoline in our state – as much as an extra dollar per gallon by imposing a “low carbon fuel standard”!

This job-killing measure would hit middle class and working families the hardest. Not only is Inslee’s plan to raise the price of gas harmful – it is very unpopular. Even King County voters recently voted down an effort to raise taxes. Inslee is so focused on this effort, that he has circumvented the Legislative process by disbanding a bi-partisan working group, replacing it with his own panel of leftists.

Inslee knows that the voters of Washington would not support his extreme plans – that’s why Inslee is calling upon his friend, billionaire California Democrat Tom Steyer. Steyer is planning to pour $100 million dollars into the 2014 elections in an effort to help elect Democrats in states throughout the nation. The Republican-led Majority Coalition Caucus in the State Senate is a strong obstacle to Inslee’s plans, and past experience shows that Steyer will once again target our state to help his friend Jay Inslee.

Steyer interfered in Washington state politics in 2013, to the tune of $500,000 in an unsuccessful effort to defeat Jan Angel. Steyer and Inslee would like nothing better than for the Democrats to take back control of the State Senate. But we defeated Steyer in 2013, and we can do it again in 2014!

We can, and must, elect more Republicans to the State Senate and State House. As Chair of the WSRP, one of my highest priorities is to elect more Republicans to the state legislature, increasing our majority in the State Senate and adding to our numbers in the State House. The people of our state have been poorly served by three decades of dominance by the Democratic Party machine. It’s time for a change – and for an end to economic stagnation, high taxes, and government overreach.

In the Senate, we have great incumbents like Steve O’Ban, Andy Hill, Michael Baumgartner, Doug Ericksen, and Jan Angel, and great GOP challengers like Mark Miloscia and Jim Kellett.

Please donate $10 to help us elect these and other great Republican candidates to increase our majority in the State Senate and block Jay Inslee’s $1/gal gasoline increase!

In the House, we have great incumbents like Mark Hargrove, Dick Muri, Jesse Young and Linda Kochmar, and great GOP challengers like Michelle Caldier, Melanie Stambaugh, and Lynda Wilson.

Please give $10 to help us defeat Democrats and elect Republican candidates at every level government – Republican candidates who will work to improve the lives of all citizens across our state!


Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

         We’re focused like a laser beam on protecting taxpayers with our 2/3 Constitutional Amendment Initiative.  But it’s important to remember that our initiatives are important IN ADDITION TO, not INSTEAD OF, electing better representatives.  We need both our initiatives and more fiscally conservative legislators to protect the taxpayers.


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