Eyman & Fagans comment on election results: 5 advisory votes, special session, I-517, and more

by | Nov 5, 2013

Here’s what we had to say tonight:

         OUR THOUGHTS ON THE 5 TAX ADVISORY VOTES: “There is no decision that government makes that has a greater impact on our lives than when they take more of the people’s money. The Legislature raised taxes this year. None of their tax increases are temporary; they are all permanent. Their 5 tax increases will cost taxpayers $877 million in the first 10 years. They imposed these tax increases without asking the voters’ permission. Olympia did that, despite Initiative 1185 receiving more votes than any initiative in state history. 

         “Fortunately, the Legislature did not succeed at completely cutting off the voters from the process. Thanks to the voters approval of I-960 in 2007 and I-1185 in 2012, there are 5 tax advisory votes for the 5 tax increases unilaterally imposed by the Legislature.
         “We wished they hadn’t raised taxes, then there wouldn’t be any tax advisory votes. But given the fact that they raised taxes $877 million, $130,000 — $26,000 per advisory vote — is nothing! They inform voters of which taxes were increased, how much they’ll cost, how legislators voted, and lets the people express their opinion on each one.
        “If politicians don’t like tax advisory votes, there are two ways avoid them: don’t raise taxes or don’t raise taxes without asking the voters’ permission (when they refer their tax increases to the ballot, no advisory votes are necessary).”

         OUR THOUGHTS ON INSLEE’S SPECIAL SESSION (TRANSPORTATION TAX PACKAGE): “Taxpayers demand that any big tax package be put on the ballot for the voters to decide. The Senate’s Majority Coalition Caucus has repeatedly promised to refer any transportion tax measure to a public vote, keeping faith with the 2/3 of voters who approved last year’s Initiative 1185. Letting the voters decide is the only way to ensure the growth, and not the collapse, of the Majority Coalition Caucus in 2014.”

         OUR THOUGHTS ON INITIATIVE 517: We have successfully learned to overcome the current system’s challenges, consistently qualifying our initiatives for the ballot. We will work really hard to continue to do so. But unless reforms like those contained in Initiative 517 are enacted, only initiatives sponsored by the big guys will make it. That’s too bad. The initiative process should be available to everyone.”

         OUR THOUGHTS ON THE CITY OF YAKIMA’S BALLOT MEASURE REQUIRING 2/3 COUNCIL APPROVAL FOR ANY TAX INCREASE: “Following the voters’ approval of the 2/3 protection in Pierce County and the city of Spokane, tonight’s 69% vote in favor of Prop 1 shows growing support for a vote on a statewide constitutional amendment. Washington state voters have approved this policy five times, passing it by wider and wider margins each time. Last year’s Initiative 1185 received 1.9 million votes, more votes than any initiative in state history. Almost 2/3 of voters want the 2/3 protection. 17 other states have this same protection – Washington deserves the chance to becom18th state.”

         OUR THOUGHTS ON CLARK COUNTY’S ADVISORY VOTE ON LIGHT RAIL FOR THE COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING PROJECT:  Finally!  The people of Clark County had the chance to express their position on the CRC’s light rail project and … they hate it!   Rep. Jim Moeller (D-Vancouver) made every argument possible, but voters clearly rejected light rail tonight.  Tonight’s vote was a stunning 67% defeat for light rail.” 

         OUR THOUGHTS ON 26TH DISTRICT RACE BETWEEN JAN ANGEL AND NATHAN SCHLICHER: “Last year’s Initiative 1185 received 70% of the vote in the 26th district … so it’s clearly filled with tax averse voters. We hope they pick a tax averse legislator like Jan Angel. The early numbers look good but we’ll see over the coming days what the final vote turns out to be.”

           Thank you all for your encouragement and support.  We will continue to focus our efforts on protecting taxpayers, especially with the “LET THE VOTERS DECIDE ON A 2/3-FOR-TAXES CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT” INITIATIVE.