Eyman: “I’m the unofficial co-sponsor of all future initiatives to the Legislature” 😊

You’re darn right I’m gonna take a victory lap on this one. Whenever David slays Goliath, it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge it and celebrate it.

For the past 20 years, while sponsoring and promoting initiatives, it’s also been my mission to protect the initiative process from Olympia. Year after year, anti-initiative politicians and anti-initiative special interests have proposed roadblock after roadblock and thanks to your help and allies like Legislator of the Year recipients like Morgan Irwin and Jeff Holy and Pam Roach, we’ve defeated all of them.

So for years anti-initiative politicians have thrown their bills in the air like clay pigeons and we’ve managed to shoot down each and every one (so far).

But this year, the Legislature took a different approach: ending altogether initiatives to the legislature.

It was arrogant, it was irresponsible, and it almost worked.

But on Friday, their scheme was quashed in court.

And ubetcha, while everyone else was wearing suits and robes, I proudly wore my uber-orange “Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs” t-shirt.


Make sure to watch this short TV news story about it:

Much has been written about how this was a victory for me:

That’s obviously nice to hear. But the fact is Friday’s ruling was a victory for all future initiatives to the legislature because if not for this court challenge, there wouldn’t be any more. No one would choose to do an initiative to the legislature if Olympia can adopt your initiative, change it, and then block the people from voting on it.

And so, for that reason, I declare myself the unofficial co-sponsor of all future initiatives to the Legislature! 😊

For the next 8 months, my mission in life is to work with all you to capitalize on this victory by qualifying our new $30 car tabs initiative for the ballot. We are going to move heaven and earth to get Initiative 976 over the finish line. But we can’t do it alone, we need everyone’s help.

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