Eyman in recovery — let’s fire 3 uber liberal justices from the supreme court

by | Jun 23, 2016

MESSAGE FROM EYMAN:  2 weeks ago, I had surgery on my shoulder.  They put in a plate and secured it with 5 screws to position it for healing.  Check it out:

      Recovery has been particularly miserable because I got the flu within days of the surgery.  So on top of the normal discomfort associated with something like this, I had days of splitting headaches, body aches, flop sweat, sleepless nights, with no appetite mixed with constipation brought on by painkillers.  Yuck! 
     But now I’m on the mend and finally able to get back to my computer and back to all of you. 
     Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers and the many get well cards, phone messages, and emails.  I’m very grateful for your friendship and support.


In the August primary and November elections, make sure to reject these 3 incumbents on the state supreme court:

*  Barbara Madsen
*  Charles Wiggins
*  Mary Yu

         Each of them is facing a strong challenge by these top-flight candidates:

*  Longtime Kittitas County Prosecutor Greg Zempel is challenging Barbara Madsen.
“They are highly politicized and they are not deferential to other branches of the government or citizens.” – Greg Zempel

*  Federal Way Municipal Court Judge Dave Larson is challenging Charles Wiggins
“Unfortunately it’s become far too political and needs to return to being a neutral and respected defender of the law and constitution.” – Dave Larson

*  David DeWolf, a Gonzaga University law professor, is challenging Mary Yu
“The basic concept that the court can almost declare war on the other branches of government and force them to either violate the court’s order, or do these really destructive things like shut down the schools — this is not the way the branches of government check and balance each other,” said DeWolf, who is retiring from Gonzaga this year. “It’s not healthy.”


        In 2008, a unanimous state supreme court rejected a legal challenge to I-960, one of our 2/3 initiatives.  But once Justice Jim Johnson and Richard Sanders were off the court, Madsen, Wiggins, and Yu reversed themselves and overturned I-1053 even though it simply reinstated I-960’s protections. 

       When Madsen, Wiggins, and Yu rejected I-1053, they told us we needed to pursue a constitutional amendment.  So that’s exactly what we did and voters passed I-1366 last year.

       But then Madsen, Wiggins, and Yu reversed themselves again by rejecting I-1366 even though we did exactly what they had told us to do. 

        That’s duplicity.  That’s dishonesty.  That’s dishonorable.  That’s what we’ll continue to get if Madsen, Wiggins, and Yu win in November. 

        There’s only one check-and-balance on this rogue supreme court:  the voters. 

         Uber liberal judges hide in the shadows — we’re gonna do our best to shine a spotlight on them this time. 

          Not Madsen, Greg Zempel
          Not Wiggins, Dave Larson
          Not Yu, David DeWolf 

          Petitions for “We Love Our Cars” I-869 were sent out last week (I got mine in the mail on Saturday).  Our polling shows it’s another big winner.  Please help us make it a reality.


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