Eyman rips Inslee’s $5.2 billion tax increase at Olympia hearing

by | Dec 16, 2016

Yesterday morning, I drove to Olympia for the first legislative hearing on Inslee’s proposals to raise taxes $5.2 billion.  Click here to watch 2 minute testimony:

      If that doesn’t work, here’s what I said:

“Hello my name is Tim and I came down from Mukilteo. 

“Governor Inslee reminds me of my kids at Toys R Us.  Whenever we go to Toys R Us together, my kids ask for it all.  They want everything.  But as their parent, I have to remind them that we can’t afford everything they want.

“Inslee’s litany of tax proposals costing $5.2 billion make it clear that Republican legislators and voters with the initiative process need to provide parental guidance to Inslee this session.  The emperor has no clothes here.”

Then Inslee’s stooge interrupts, says he’s heard enough, Republican John Braun intervenes and insists my opinion be heard, Inslee’s stooge backs down, tells me to stop talking about tax increases and stop engaging in “character assassination” on his boss.  I continue:

“The last panel talked about property tax decreases, but somehow we can’t talk about Inslee’s tax increases?  I don’t think that’s appropriate, but let me continue:

“Voters have already rejected Inslee’s proposed tax hikes:

*  Last month, voters said no to a carbon tax.  Inslee’s proposed carbon tax is almost twice as big as Initiative 732 proposed and voters rejected it.

*  Inslee is proposing a new income tax.  Voters have already rejected an income tax initiative.

*  Inslee is proposing taxes on bottled water even though voters repealed that same tax already.

*  Inslee is pushing taxes on out-of-state residents.  Voters in November rejected that same tax when they voted no on Initiative 1464.

“If they were passed, we could do an initiative to overturn them.  And it’d be like shooting fish in a barrel.  There’s no way voters would support these tax increases.  Why impose taxes that voters have already said no to?”

— END —

        Inslee’s building castles on quicksand.  His unsustainable, hyperactive spending binge is predicated on tax increases that’ll never fly. 

        The Everett Herald reports that Inslee’s tax increases total $5.2 billion (Inslee’s $46.7B budget plan: $5.2B in new and higher taxes, http://www.heraldnet.com/news/inslee-proposes-46-7b-budget-reliance-on-taxes-criticized/).  Earlier this week, we reminded everyone that the Democrats in 2010 raised taxes $800 million and there was a massive public backlash.  $800 million was the high-water mark when Democrats had supermajority control of the Legislature.  Inslee’s $5.2 billion is 6 times higher than that.  It’s completely nuts.

        Inslee has made himself irrelevant in the budget conversation with his pie-in-the-sky, never-gonna-happen tax proposals.  So that leaves adults like Sen. John Braun to write a budget that represents the taxpayers who clearly oppose any tax increase.  And the people’s initiative process stands ready should it become necessary to further protect taxpayers. 

       You can count on us to fight against state and local government’s insatiable tax appetite.  The voters’ passage of our Initiative 1366 last year certainly shows that the people are in no mood for any tax hikes, let alone increases next year totaling $5.2 billion.          

      Petitions for “We Love Our Cars” I-869 have been sent out (if you need more, just email or call).  Our polling shows it’s another big winner.  Please help us make it a reality.

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