Eyman rips Snohomish County Exec for 4% property tax increase – 1% is the max!

by | Nov 3, 2017

Our initiatives are not ambiguous. For vehicle tabs, $30 tabs means $30 tabs. Taxes and fees above $30 violate the public’s will. It’s so clear that even a politician should be able to understand it.

As for property tax increases, voters demanded a 1% cap (in 2001, voters overwhelmingly passed our Initiative 747 and the 2007 Legislature reaffirmed it during a special session).

So now, this year, when the Snohomish County Executive is proposing a 4% increase in property taxes — 400% higher than the law allows — it’s infuriating.

1% means 1%.

This is easy math. There’s only one number that equals 1% — and that’s 1%. There’s only one number that voters found acceptable for politicians to increase property taxes — and that’s 1%.

There were two hearings by the Snohomish County Council recently where they had the public weigh in on the proposed 4% increase. I testified at both of them.

Here’s a 30 second clip from the news that evening:

Snohomish County Property Tax Increase?
Opening paragraph of my testimony: “This is insane. Taxpayers have been ravaged by Sound Transit and ST3. Skyrocketing car tab taxes, highest in the nation sales taxes, plus a massive new property tax. All of you have been hearing about the sticker shock from ST3. And then, just a few months later, just as taxpayers were trying to catch their breath, those taxpayers got ravaged by this year’s Legislature that compounded ST3’s burden by dramatically raising property taxes THROUGH THE ROOF. Snohomish county taxpayers are totally tapped out.”

That doesn’t just describe taxpayers in my county, that describes taxpayers across the state. All taxpayers are totally tapped out.

Expressing that voter sentiment is important at hearings like this.

But 99 times out of 100, the only way to get politicians to listen is with a citizen initiative. That’s why we’re doing a $30 Tabs Initiative right now. Because it’s the only way to teach politicians that $30 means $30.

There’s two ways you can help us Bring Back Our $30 Tabs and stick it to Sound Transit:

1) ask for petitions and help collect signatures (collect 1000+ signatures and earn yourself an uber-orange $30 Tabs t-shirt — John Berry and other Ironing Board brigade members who’ve been diligently getting signatures at the Pierce County Annex recently earned them).

2) donate (just think about how much you’ve saved over the years from our other two successful $30 Tabs Initiatives).

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