Eyman testifies in Olympia against Inslee’s tax hikes

by | Jan 6, 2017

While we’ve been focusing on the Democrat-controlled King County Council this week, I managed to make it down to Olympia to testify against Inslee’s massive tax increases.  Click on this to watch it: 

Here’s my prepared remarks:

“I’m Tim Eyman from Mukilteo.

“When it comes to government budgeting, I think the Legislature does it all backwards.  First, you start with spending and things you want, like you’re doing today.  And then, second, you figure out how to raise taxes to match your wants.

“Everyone else, like families, start with how much money they have and then fit their spending into that available revenue box.  That makes more sense to me.

“So creating a spending wish list without acknowledging the fact that the public opposes tax increases seems wrong and backwards.

“Why build castles on quicksand?

“I think the Republicans in the House and the Majority Coalition Caucus in the Senate get it.  They seem to recognize the public’s mood on taxes and the reality that any tax increases passed by the Legislature will be put on the ballot with an initiative.

“So if you want stable funding for your wants, connecting them to tax increases that won’t last only guarantees complete instability.

“There’s no support for incomes taxes, capital gains taxes, carbon taxes, or business taxes.  There’s no public support for a massive property tax increase imposed on half of households while supposedly lowering property taxes on the other half.  Biblically, it’s called robbing Peter to pay Paul.  And it’s a bad idea that even Governor Inslee repeatedly said he opposes.

“In 2010, Democrats had complete control of the Legislature and raised taxes $800 million.  This caused a huge public backlash.  That’s what makes Governor Inslee’s $8 billion tax hike so ridiculous.  It’s not double, or triple, or 5 times or 7 times bigger, it’s 10 times larger than 2010’s high water mark of $800 million.

“There’s simply no public appetite for tax increases, especially due to Sound Transit’s massive tax hikes.  Legislators need to understand that last November Sound Transit massively raised sales taxes, property taxes and car tab taxes.  So even if taxpayers wanted higher taxes (which they don’t), there’s simply nothing left to take thanks to Sound Transit’s $54 billion pig-out.  Their huge tax hikes took effect on January 1st and taxpayers in the Puget Sound are gonna be shell-shocked and in no mood for even higher taxes out of Olympia this session.

“Inslee’s tax rampage is not an effort the taxpayers want or support.  It’s clear the voters oppose any tax hikes this session.” 

       Let me know what you think of that.

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