Eyman To Ferguson: Send Me Transcript So We Can Fire You. CALL TO ACTION: Email Him To Send It.

by | Nov 30, 2019

CALL TO ACTION is below. But first, read what I sent earlier today:

November 30, 2019

To: Bob Ferguson
From: Tim Eyman
Bcc: Our thousands of supporters across the state, all media outlets (newspapers, radio, TV), house and senate members, and Seattle’s current Governor

Please email me the transcript for Tuesday’s court hearing on I-976.

We need the transcript in order to complete our Motion to Disqualify you and your team from this case to prevent further sabotage of I-976. We also need it for the bar complaint against you. 

As reported by MyNorthwest: 

Earlier this week, the judge asked the AG if I-976 would allow Sound Transit to continue to collect its car tab fees. Response was “I don’t know”


The lawyer supposedly defending 976 says he doesn’t know if Sound Transit has to cut its car tab taxes to comply with that?

Garbage. He was playing the poison pill game.

I know! The answer is: “NO, ‘your Honor’, Sound Transit cannot continue to tax people the inflated rates. I-976 is absolutely clear, it lowers car tabs to $30. ONLY FUTURE VOTES by the people can change that.”

YOU KNOW the answer is NO. That is why you voted either for it or against it.

Sound Transit is aware that the answer is no. Sound Transit’s so called CEO and other transit grifters warned voters across the State that $30 car tabs would cut transit funding.

Jenny Durkan knows the answer is no. She has been moaning about the $30 car tab cuts to transit for months.

Bob Ferguson – who spent millions of dollars of your money trying to destroy Tim Eyman – knows.

The AG is an expert on word usage and contracts. Any competent lawyer hired to defend 976 would have read every word of the initiative multiple times. Every competent attorney would have already formulated his answer to that question with supporting facts and language from the initiative.

The answer – “I don’t know” – is purely ludicrous.

He is clearly a competent lawyer. I contend he knows the answer: 976 cuts car tab taxes to $30. To me, it seems quite clear that that lawyer charged with defending 976 took a dive.

Email me the transcript right away.

And make sure to do Motion for Reconsideration before appealing to Supreme Court.

Tim Eyman, tim_eyman@comcast.net


CALL TO ACTION: Send email to Bob Ferguson that says something like this: 

“You are supposedly representing the voters of the State of Washington making we, the people, the client. So you work for us. We want to fire you from this case and get outside counsel to clean up the mess you’ve made. You’ve already irreparably harmed the case by not filing for a change of venue, allowing a conflicted Jay Inslee appointed judge — whose employer is the plaintiff — to hear this case. It is clear to me this was intentional on your part. As your client, I’m instructing you to email a copy of the court transcript to Tim Eyman who Is representing my interests. If you do not email him the transcript, it is just further proof that you are corrupt to the core and committed to sabotaging I-976 from within.”

Cut and paste these email addresses in the “To” line: 
bob.ferguson@atg.wa.govnoah.purcell@atg.wa.govalan.copsey@atg.wa.govalicia.young@atg.wa.govlauryn.fraas@atg.wa.govkarl.smith@atg.wa.gov; tim_eyman@comcast.net

Send those emails asap.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.


The “Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State” political action committee paperwork has been filed (mail checks to: Governor Tim Eyman for Washington State, PO Box 2107, Olympia, WA, 98507).
Donate online by credit card here: Tim4Gov.com
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