by | Jul 1, 2020

Dear SeaTac voters:

You’re very lucky to have a leader like Louis Hocking living in SeaTac. Earlier today, he and I and my daughter Riley were at SeaTac airport to launch this new local SeaTac initiative.


Louis is the initiative’s official sponsor.

At today’s press conference, he became the first SeaTac voter to sign the petition:

To qualify for a public vote on the November 2020 ballot, we need 2149 additional SeaTac voters to sign a petition. Signing a petition doesn’t mean you’re for or against the initiative — all it means is you’re in favor of a public discussion and a public vote on facial recognition technology that tracks, profiles, records, or maintains the identities and movements of innocent citizens in SeaTac, including at the Sea-Tac airport.

Here is the link to the petition: https://tinyurl.com/MyFaceMyChoice — please print it out, sign it, get other SeaTac voters to sign it, and mail it to the SeaTac address printed on the petition. Forward this email (and the link to the petition) to other SeaTac voters you know. To get additional copies of the petition, just use the link above.

You can watch today’s press conference to learn more about it:

Here is my speech:

This technology has been much-hyped by the press and tech companies. Governments and the security contractors that profit from government and fund the campaigns of entrenched politicians are salivating at the chance to create a trillion-dollar industry based on the uniqueness of your face.

We have been facing ominous prospects of a world resembling the movie Minority Report or reminiscent of the terrifying Social Credit scheme in China.

Police departments all over the country have been testing or using facial recognition in body cameras. Most of America’s major airports, including Seatac International, are slated to widely use the technology by next year.

But starting last year, several cities across the country banned it altogether, including San Francisco, Boston, Oakland and others. Efforts are ongoing in Portland and even the entire state of California to ban it too.

More recently, we have seen top developers of facial recognition tech — IBM, Amazon and lastly Microsoft – back off their plans to flood police departments around the US with this technology. Also, the European Union and even members of the US Congress introduced proposals to ban facial recognition from being used by government.

But not in Washington. Despite the massive privacy concerns and well-known ethnic bias issues repeatedly documented in the use and testing of facial recognition tech, Jay Inslee and the Democrats in the legislature paved the way for the use of this technology statewide.

The recent facial-recognition law passed by the Washington Legislature was one of the weirdest bills in the last few years. It started out with solid protections of individuals’ privacy rights — and a strong limit on Big Tech’s ability to watch you.

Then Inslee and his Big Tech cronies got hold of that draft, gutted it, and turned it inside out. All the protections for people and limits on Big Tech went away. The bill became a guideline for how Big Tech can cooperate with law enforcement.

It was one of the most decadent and crony-driven episodes in recent history in Olympia. And to push the crony hash through, Inslee had to walk over several moderate Democrats who actually wanted to protect people’s privacy. Shameful.

The whole sorry episode didn’t get much media attention. Facial-recognition tech isn’t considered a “big” policy issue – Yet.

But it may end being one of worst things Inslee has done. And that’s saying a lot.

After the tragic killing of George Floyd and the protests in the aftermath, there has been so much focus on the bias, inaccuracies and flaws with facial recognition, that Amazon, IBM and even Microsoft all placed temporary holds on law enforcement use.

But this is all just a ploy. They’re waiting for public opinion to soften again, and they’re waiting for more politicians like Inslee to give them legal and political cover.

We’re not going to wait for that. Today, the effort begins to ban facial recognition technology. But this is just the beginning.

Why are we so concerned about this technology?

For one, there are the false positives. A study in Detroit was said to have revealed a more than 90% inaccuracy rate.

Next is the racial bias. People of color are more likely to be inaccurately identified by face tracking. Surely, the use of facial recognition will only serve to exacerbate existing tensions in our communities.

Of course, there are the general privacy concerns, and we can expect rampant abuse of facial recognition for warrantless searches and spying.

A less-obvious threat from facial recognition tech is its effect on the social fabric of our society. Study after study over the years have shown the chilling effect surveillance has on the mind when a person knows they’re being watched. Facial recognition technology will forever alter the way we relate to the world around us, and to other people.

It will stifle creativity and freedom of expression.

It will be another tear into the social fabric of our state caused by a governor who has declared some people essential and others non-essential, encouraged people to snitch on their neighbors who aren’t following his arbitrary mandates, deepened the resentment and political divide that already exists between people who see the world differently, and caused a situation where people who can’t or don’t want to wear masks of dubious efficacy and likely harmfulness are ostracized by society and treated as outcasts.

Lastly, there are other risks no one talks about at the moment. We hear in the news all the time about government and Big tech’s poor record of protecting our data. Many of us have been the victims of identity theft, and if you have been you know how awful that experience can be.

Just recently Inslee mismanaged our Employment Security Department and sent nearly a Billion Dollars to Nigerian Princes.



He did that after putting over a million people out of work who are now starving and struggling to keep a roof over their heads.

Well, it’s one thing to have your credit card stolen, but quite another to have your social security or other private data stolen. But when we use our faces or other biometric data for ID, when law enforcement, TSA or airlines can track us, arrest us or restrict our right to travel  – all without a warrant – based on the uniqueness of your face and the color of your skin, this should give pause to any red-blooded American.

What happens when someone hacks your face? What happens when someone hacks your palm print? When this data is ubiquitous and communicated freely between corporations and governments, we’ll see terrifying risks to our privacy and our safety.

There is no place in America for government to possess and use such technologies, and if I am Governor, Washington will be kept free from it. This initiative to ban facial recognition in Seatac will extend to the airport and allow everyone flying in or out of SeaTac to not be subject to facial recognition tracking.

No one should have to have their face scanned or their biometrics tracked to get on or off an airplane whether domestic or international, to otherwise travel, enter buildings or talk to a local police officer.

Jay Inslee, however, has no problem with government tracking people against their will and without a warrant. Inslee seems to have no regard for your privacy. And Inslee has over and over again shown contempt for the 4th Amendment, and the 1st and 2nd for that matter.

He’s proposed a creepy pay-per-mile tax that would put a tracker box in your car and record your every movement.

He has proposed a contact tracing program that has unsettling features, which could be expanded by a Big Tech wish list of phone tracking of people who encounter the sick.

And of, of course, there is the facial recognition law Inslee signed.

Well no more. Today we stand up to wanna-be dictators and the Technology Industrial Complex. Today, we begin an effort that will help shine a light on the Corruption Industrial complex – the system of kickbacks and special favors given to the special interests who have funded Democrat campaigns and bank on us having one-party rule.

Today, we announce this initiative that in little Seatac, we will protect the people of Washington from having to have their faces scanned and tracked to get on or off an airplane. We begin the ban of facial recognition used on city streets and public buildings. We begin the ban of facial recognition being used in police body cameras and face data being sent to police from doorbell cameras.

And I’m confident it will pass. For 22 years, I’ve been offering solutions to voters to solve problems politicians won’t. And privacy is something I’ve dealt with before.

Just a few years ago, we qualified and passed BanCams initiatives in my hometown of very liberal Mukilteo (71%), very liberal Bellingham (65%), conservative Monroe (56%), conservative Longview (55%), and got them repealed in middle-of-the-road Redmond too.

We never lost at the ballot box. We kept winning until the broken system of Washington’s supreme court ruled that local BanCams initiatives WEREN’T ALLOWED.

Now I’m running for Governor to fix that broken system. And instead of voters getting to support just one of my ideas, we can talk about many. Privacy, facial recognition and ending government corruption are at the top of my list.

There is no constituency among voters begging to have their face tracked everywhere they go! Nobody wants this. Facial recognition doesn’t benefit anyone.

And today, we make a stand to protect our people from being experimented on any longer by Jay Inlsee, the yes-men in his party, and the special interests who stand to make a profit off of what you look like!”

SeaTac’s Louis Hocking is willing to sponsor this, but he needs your help to get it on the November 2020 ballot. Only SeaTac voters can sign petitions, but anyone can help print petitions and collect signatures. Again, here is the petition: https://tinyurl.com/MyFaceMyChoice — please print it out, sign it, get other SeaTac voters to sign it, and mail it to the SeaTac address printed on the petition. Forward this email and petition link to other SeaTac voters you know.

Help us get this critically important initiative qualified so we can discuss, debate, and decide this in November.

To save Washington from 4 more years of Jay Inslee, I ask you to please:

  • Please send in your most generous donation to support my campaign for Governor Tim4Gov.com. As I’ve proven to you already, I will put every ounce of energy I have fighting for you. And your contributions are the fuel that keeps this campaign in overdrive.
  • Reach out to people you know who can’t stand the idea of 4 more years of Jay Inslee. Ask them to kick in $30 (or more). You are my ambassadors, you are my emissaries. We’re building an extraordinary team and we need everyone’s help to make sure this campaign a success.
  • Follow my campaign on Facebook here.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.