Eyman’s advice on signing petitions, avoiding fights, surviving “big sig season”

There are lots of initiatives this cycle. That means lots of petitioners.

Here’s Eyman’s “how to” guide to get through “big sig season”.

Question: What do I do if a petitioner asks me to sign petitions and I don’t want to?

Answer: Say you already signed and give the petitioner a smile and a big thumbs up. No petitioner will ever try and convince you to sign if you’ve already signed.

Question: What if a petitioner offers you 5 petitions to sign and you wanna sign some and not others?

Answer: Say you already signed the others and only sign the ones you want to. Thank the petitioner for their service.

Question: What if the opponents of the initiative get violent and try to stop you from signing?

Answer: Seattle socialist Kshama Sawant is sending out her goose-stepping goon squads to try to stop folks from signing petitions (https://tinyurl.com/y9kpnjr8). Bullies like Sawant are cowards at heart — they’re not accustomed to people standing up to them (fortunately, the good guys sometimes do stand up: https://tinyurl.com/ya9ag6oo). The only way to beat back a bully is to send a message that their bullying backfired. Sign the petition, but also ask the petitioner for a blank petition and tell the obnoxious fascist that their bullying inspired you to help.

Question: Which initiatives are in the running to qualify?

Answer: Don’t even try to know the initiative numbers — that’s only necessary if they qualify.

Focus on the policies:


  • Bring Back Our $30 Tabs. It’s the best one. 😊
  • Government Transparency Initiative — requires collective bargaining between governments and public employee unions to be done in public.
  • Carbon Tax Initiative — state budget office confirms it’ll cost taxpayers over $5 billion (https://tinyurl.com/y9ryknat).
  • Yes to Affordable Groceries — prohibits Seattle’s tax on groceries from being increased, stops other local governments from taxing groceries.
  • Anti-gun initiative. Starting on June 7th, Seattle billionaires Paul Allen and Nick Hanauer will start their signature drive for their latest attack on the 2nd Amendment. Because they filed so late, they’ll have less than 4 weeks to get sigs. But since they have an unlimited supply of money, they’ll spend 3-4 million dollars to collect those signatures. That means uber-aggressive petitioning by hundreds and hundreds of petitioners from June 7th until the July 7th deadline. Remember, if you don’t want to sign, say you already signed.


  • Repeal the Jobs Tax. Stops Kshama Sawant’s tax on Seattle jobs and prevents her socialist cancer from metastasizing. Signature deadline June 12. (I really think it’s a major mistake that the good guys are counting on Seattle voters to save the day — when was the last time Seattle voters voted the right way on a tax measure? The good guys should be doing a statewide initiative that prohibits state and local governments from imposing any taxes on jobs — if Kshama Sawant wants to throw a monkey wrench into our economy, every Washingtonian oughta have the chance to stop her).

It’s important to remember that petitioning is a guaranteed right protected by the First Amendment. The heroic folks who are willing to ask their fellow citizens to sign petitions deserve our deepest appreciation. In today’s polarized political environment, it takes tremendous courage to put themselves out there.

Some initiatives you may agree with, some you’ll disagree with.

But the right to sign petitions cannot be exercised without folks willing give voters the chance to sign. These foot soldiers for the First Amendment are critical to the process and deserve a big “atta boy” from all of us. Remember, all these petitioners are doing is giving the voters the chance to sign and if successful, it will be the voters who decide if the measure becomes law.

So give these men and women a break and thank them for their service.

Top 5 Contributors: Suzanne Burke, Puget Sound Chapter NECA PAC, Andrew Skotdal, Tim Eyman, Thomas O’Brien

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© 2020 Permanent Offense