Eyman’s lawsuit on the Rainy Day Fund: major milestone reached this week

by | Jul 11, 2018

As you know, we are focused like a laser beam on the signature drive for our $30 Tabs Initiative.

But during this year’s legislative session, the Democrats did so many unconstitutional things that I felt compelled to respond. I initiated two lawsuits:

* Eyman v Wyman (protecting the initiative process), and
* Eyman v Davidson (protecting the Rainy Day Fund).

We reached a major milestone on the 2nd one this week.

After weeks of working with numerous attorneys, legislators, and activists, we finalized and filed the following with the Court this week
please take the time to read it:


The hearing is on Friday, July 20th @ 9:00 am in Thurston County Superior Court before Judge John Skinder. TVW is going to record it.

I’ll be handling the oral arguments myself. I’m both nervous and excited. Those dirty dog Democrats took $935 million that was supposed to go into the Rainy Day Fund. That unprecedented diversion deserves judicial scrutiny and only with a lawsuit can the courts get a look at it.

As for the legal brief above, I am extremely fortunate that so many knowledgeable, brilliant people helped me put it together.

Two of them I want to publicly acknowledge:

* Former State Senator Joe Zarelli. Despite now living in Texas, Joe still cares very much about Washington state. Having largely written the original constitutional amendment for the Rainy Day Fund in 2007, as well as the constitutional amendment strengthening the Rainy Day Fund in 2011, I knew that having him be part of my team was critical. Over the past few weeks, he couldn’t have been more generous with his time not only when it came to drafting his formal declaration which is contained in the brief, but also he spent countless hours on the phone with the attorneys who helped draft this. Thank you, Joe. Your experience and expertise on the Rainy Day Fund made this brief extraordinarily persuasive.

* Republican State Representative David Taylor is one of the smartest, most experienced members of the House Appropriations committee. He was intimately involved with this year’s budget changes and saw up-close all the unprecedented budget gimmicks employed by the Democrats. Over the past few weeks, he spent countless hours on the phone with the attorneys who helped draft this. His formal declaration, also contained in the brief, provides invaluable insights into what happened this session and how it clearly doesn’t comport with the Constitution. Thanks David. Your invaluable assistance made this brief even more compelling.

Please take just a moment and send an email to Joe and David and thank them:

joe@jpzarelli.com; taylor.15thdistrict@gmail.com; tim_eyman@comcast.net

It’s clear that these two men understand the true meaning of the words “public service.” I’ll make sure to keep you updated on this.

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