Eyman’s letter to Attorney General William Barr: join our lawsuit so we can reign in Inslee and Open Washington Now. Filing anti-Inslee lawsuit today, 12noon, Tacoma courthouse.

by | May 1, 2020

Today, Fri, May 1st, 12 noon, Tacoma courthouse, 1717 Pacific Way, Tacoma. Join me and superhero attorney Stephen Pidgeon and superstars Clint Didier and the other plaintiffs who will SueInslee.com today.

This morning, I sent the following to the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division:

U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General of the United States
950 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20053

ATTN: Attorney General William P. Barr:
In Washington state today, Friday, May 1st, in US District Court in Tacoma, regular citizens are filing a civil rights violation lawsuit challenging Governor Jay Inslee’s economic lockdown which is devastating low- and middle-income workers and small businesses. Inslee’s recent and foolish decision to extend his lockdown beyond the federal guideline of May 1st will result in additional and substantial harm to working families in our state. 
Inslee’s arbitrary and capricious designation of certain people and businesses as non-essential is driven by political bias, payback, pay-offs, and patronage – not science, the law, or the Constitution.
Hundreds of thousands of citizens are being deprived of their right to property and businesses protected by 5th Amendment to the US Constitution. Similarly, by Inslee restricting people to congregating in no more than pairs and declaring church worship “non-essential” banned by his extra-legal “proclamation,” he is depriving all Washingtonians of rights protected by the 1st Amendment.
Also of national interest are the economic impacts a shuttered Washington is having on the rest of the nation. A prolonged devastation inflicted on the 10th largest state economy will have an even greater ripple effect and hamper the efforts of the federal government and other states to recover. Furthermore, any slowing of port activity will further harm consumers and businesses beyond our state.
After squandering $5 million in taxpayer money in a failed run for President, Inslee has shown he is in it for himself, not us. Many in Washington now see Inslee’s dictates as politically-motivated that pick winners and losers among a population desperate for relief, and a business community begging to get back to work. I firmly believe that Jay Inslee now realizes he overreacted and made a huge mistake with his order, but his own pride and insecurity is preventing him from doing what is best for citizens. It’s all about him, not us. More and more voters agree with the President: Jay Inslee is a snake. 
Today’s lawsuit is the first of several that will be filed in the coming days. This first one is Didier, Thomas, Eyman et al v Inslee (background here: www.SueInslee.com). Since Inslee’s edicts infringe on rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, we are challenging Inslee’s proclamation in federal court.

On behalf of the non-essential citizens of WA, I urge you and your office to join us in our efforts to Open Washington Now. Please Mr. Barr, Inslee is not listening to the people who are suffering under his rule. We need your help to convince the judiciary to rein him in before he causes irreparable harm to our lives, liberty, and livelihoods. We are the other Washington, Mr. Barr, and we need your help.


Tim Eyman, Tim@Tim4Gov.com, 425-590-9363

Sent to them using this:

I’m eager for your feedback – let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks.



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