Eyman’s promotional video for $30 Tabs Initiative — forward it to all u know

by | Sep 13, 2017

While at the Puyallup Fair, super supporter Charlie Kirry put together this amazing short video to promote our $30 Tabs Initiative (plz forward this update far-and-wide):

Here’s a hyperlink to this fantastic YouTube video:

I think Charlie did an incredible job capturing the energy, the enthusiasm, and the fun all of us are having with this effort.

Today, I’m driving over to Wenatchee for a $30 Tabs Initiative rally organized by Cary Condotta. He’s a state representative in the house now, but 18 years ago, he was a business owner in Chelan who personally got over 10,000 signatures for our $30 Tabs Initiative in 1999. He’s one of my favorite people in politics.

It’s a 3 hour drive over, 3 hours there, and a 3 hour drive back. It’s gonna be a crazy, chaotic, exhilarating day promoting our statewide $30 Tabs Initiative.
Tons of voters want to sign a petition, but we need more people asking voters to sign.

DO WHAT THESE SUPPORTERS HAVE DONE: Get a bunch of petitions. Just hit “reply” to this email and let me know how many petitions you want, your address, and your phone number. I will find an Office Depot, Staples, Minuteman Press, or Kinko’s near you, order the petitions for you, and all you need to do is pick them up. You can get 3 petitions for less than a $1. You can get 10 petitions for less than $3. You can get 100 petitions for $30. They’re dirt cheap with super fast turnaround. You can pick up your petitions in an hour. It is a petition distribution revolution that more and more supporters across the state are taking advantage of.

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