FACEBOOK LIVE tonight @ 6pm. Topic: my plans to REOPEN WA + Q&A. Election day

by | Jul 31, 2020

Watch this 30 second ad for Tim4Gov campaign:

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11am – 3pm, Bellevue (on the corner of NE 8th St & Bellevue Way NE). Sign waving and Meet & Greet. I want as many supporters as possible to join me/us during all or part of the time I’ll be there (come by when you can). Please give me the chance to thank you in person for all your help and support.

7pm – 11pm, Kenmore. You’ll need to RSVP to get in: Tim4Gov.com/election-night-party. Polls close at 8pm and so I’ll be giving my victory speech at 7:45pm so make sure to arrive early.

And for those put off by my confidence, this political cartoon has always been one of my favorites:

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

As voters decide who to support, I think these points are worth considering:

While the other candidates have been attacking one another, I have been focused on beating Inslee. While they’ve been clawing each others eyes out, I’ve refused to do so because that would only help Inslee.

16 days ago I proposed a one-location-celebration for all the Governor candidates and their supporters — all of us together in solidarity against Inslee on election night.

Even though this idea got overwhelmingly positive feedback from grassroots folks — even from people who support someone else — none of the other candidates agreed to it.

I think that’s telling. 

I’m the only candidate who’s thinking outside the box, who’s trying to unify us, who’s got a track record of winning statewide campaigns, and who’s totally focused on saving Washington from 4 more years of Inslee. 

If you support this winning strategy, donate today: https://tim4gov.com/donate/

Again, I’ll be doing Facebook Live @ 6pm tonight (Fri, July 31).

Tonight’s topic: my plans to REOPEN Washington plus Q&A.

You do not have to be on Facebook to watch: Facebook.com/Tim4Gov

I’m also the only candidate running against Inslee:

1) Who has already delivered conservative victories prior to running ($43 BILLION in tax savings).

2) Who has scored conservative victories while running.

3) Who has the endurance, persistence, and resilience to drain the swamp in Olympia.

4) Whose plans for Washington match what the people want and need: https://tim4gov.com/issues/

Tim Eyman for Governor Washington State

It’s the last day of the month, so help us hit our aggressive fundraising goals so we can get our message out. I ask you to please:

  • Send in your most generous donation to support my campaign for Governor Tim4Gov.com. As I’ve proven to you already, I will put every ounce of energy I have fighting for you. And your contributions are the fuel that keeps this campaign in overdrive.
  • Reach out to people you know who can’t stand the idea of 4 more years of Jay Inslee. Ask them to kick in $30 (or more). You are my ambassadors, you are my emissaries. We’re building an extraordinary team and we need everyone’s help to make sure this campaign a success.
  • Follow my campaign on Facebook here.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.