FILING TODAY: new lawsuit challenging Inslee’s forced Mask Mandate

by | Dec 2, 2020

The South Dakota Governor didn’t shut down her state — she didn’t go with fines, jail time, mandates, or dictates. She didn’t send in SWAT teams or the AG. She’s not requiring citizens to wear masks.

She’s relying on the common sense and personal responsibility of “South Dakotans.” She’s handling things the way a representative of the people should: treat citizens like adults, give them information, advise them, persuade them if necessary, and trust them.

And what’s been the result of her approach: better citizen compliance, better outcomes, and a better relationship between the citizens and their Governor.

And how have South Dakotans’ responded to their Governor’s approach: they threw her a parade.


Nobody feels like throwing Jay Inslee a parade.


First off, he’s a hypocrite because his forced Mask Mandate has a First Amendment exemption for Jay Inslee:

This is so typical of Inslee:
* parks closed to us, not to him
* haircuts banned for us, not to him.
* SWAT teams sent in to crack skulls on law-abiding small business owners but he allowed rioting, armed occupation, and blatant lawlessness in Seattle.




TODAY we’re filing a new lawsuit challenging Inslee’s Forced Mask Mandate:

The conclusion sums it up very well:


The government may not assert a position that is irrational and unsupported by the overwhelming conclusions of the community of scientists worldwide. They cannot claim a rational link between their dispossession of rights protected by the First Amendment and the mandate to wear an ineffective mask.

Further, because the mask is demonstrably ineffective, its purpose is singular – to force the expression of submission among the body politic to the dictates and whims of the governor and his secretary of health. Such actions are constitutionally prohibited as impermissible forced expression.

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