Final budget devastating to Democrat Manka Dingra, supercharges Jinyoung Englund

by | Jul 6, 2017

Republicans are smiling.  Democrats are frowning.  Why?  

No income tax.  No capital gains tax.  No carbon tax.  No business taxes.  The final budget deal was a massive defeat for the Democrats because they didn’t get the tax increases they wanted.  And Senate Republicans, despite controlling only one branch of government by a single vote, scored a crushing victory by blocking the Democrats’ desired tax targets.  

       And that is devastating to Manka Dhingra who is the Democrat running for the 45th district senate seat.  Her campaign platform is completely focused on imposing a new state income tax.  It’s her raison d’etre.  For Dhringra, the only reason to be a politician is to raise taxes.

       But divided government (tax averse Senate Republicans keeping tax-obsessed Inslee and House & Senate Democrats in check) succeeded in stopping what voters have 9 times rejected:  a new income tax.  

        Jinyoung Englund adamantly opposes Dhingra’s income tax agenda.  The final budget deal supercharges Englund’s campaign by reinforcing the contrasts between these two candidates.  

        Taxpayers all over the state, including the 45th district, have appreciated and benefited from divided government.  Having the Senate controlled by the Republicans has kept Inslee and the Democrats on a much shorter leash.  If Democrat Manka Dhingra were to win, then Seattle Democrats will have complete control of all branches of government.  That will automatically result in a new income tax, new capital gains tax, new carbon taxes, and new business taxes.  

        Dhingra is just another income-tax-loving, Kwama-Sawant-Bernie-Sanders Seattle Democrat.

        Let’s be real:  the Democrats, the WEA, the Supreme Court, McCleary, it’s been a 10 year scheme to set up this particular legislative session to impose a state income tax.  Republicans, by controlling the senate, stopped that from happening.

        Taxpayers are cheering that result.  Voters in the 45th district are cheering that result.         

        Income-tax-loving Manka Dhingra got hurt by the final budget deal.  Income-tax-opposing Jinyoung Englund got helped by it.  

        Campaigns are about contrasts.  And there’s no more dramatic contrast between Dhingra and Englund than when it comes to imposing a new state income tax.  And the final budget deal reinforces that contrast big time.    

      Ever since the November election, we’ve all worked really hard to send a clear no-new-taxes message to lawmakers.  Working together, we’ve made a real difference this year.  Jack, Mike, and I want to thank all of you for your tremendous effort.  Your hundreds of emails to legislators week after week had a huge impact.  This victory is your victory. 

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