From Riley, my 10 year old daughter: “I apretiate all that you’ve done for me, and how you raised me. I am so glad I have you as my dad.”

by | Oct 19, 2018

Yes, we are focused on getting the final 75,000 signatures for our $30 Tabs Initiative by the Dec 31 deadline — BUT COME ON, I’M A DAD, SO CUT ME SOME SLACK ON THIS

Got this last night at Dad’s Day at her school:   

As many of you know, my life has been dramatically affected by the miracle of adoption.  My father was adopted, I was adopted, our 3 kids are adopted.  It’s a strange, odd, beautiful family tradition.

When I was in my mid-20’s, I located my birth mother and birth father and have developed an incredibly strong, loving relationship with both of them (sadly, my mom and dad who raised me passed away some years ago).

I’m an amalgam of all 4 of them.   

With all 3 of our kids, we’ve done what’s called “open adoption” which means they’ve known, seen pictures of, and interacted with their birth parents throughout their lives.  To them, it’s normal and natural to the point of being boring, ho-hum, “whatever” upbringing.

But to us, it’s nothing short of remarkable to see in these kids the mixture from nature (from their birth parents) and nurture (from Karen and I).  I can see both, appreciate both, and take pride in both.

Riley is our youngest and our only daughter.  So that means I’m completely and totally wrapped around her finger.  She’s in charge.  Karen says she’s growing up to be just like me:  loud, talks with her hands, outgoing, fearless.  There are certain activities she will only do with me:  working out together at the Y, going to movies, crabbing, hunting, bicycle rides, and anything involving water:

And just to top it all off, there was this:  last night, just before going to Dad’s Day at her school, she insisted we both wear our WAZZU Cougar t-shirts.  I asked her why:

“Because there’s gonna be a ton of Huskies there.”  

The girl loves to tweak the other side — where’d she get that from? 🙂

What does this have to do with our initiative ( or having my family bankrupted by the government (

Absolutely nothing. 

But come on, cut me some slack, none of that can be more important than this:


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