Give Them Nothing Imposes “Arrogance Tax” On Inslee, Ferguson, Seattle Supreme Court

by | Feb 25, 2019

Politicians like Inslee and Ferguson and the Seattle Supreme Court are constantly taking money out of our pockets. And they do it so arrogantly, so unapologetically, so unmercifully.

Give Them Nothing – Referendum 80 gives you the chance to take money directly out of their pockets. They’re set to get massive salary bonuses on May 8. R-80 stops their bonuses from taking effect.

Without Give Them Nothing – Referendum 80, while Jay Inslee is traveling outside our state running for President for the next two years, he’ll be paid $369,442. Give Them Nothing — Referendum 80 knocks that down to $354,214 (his current salary). In other words, our referendum takes exactly $15,228 out of his pocket — call it an “arrogance tax” imposed on a politician who’s more interested in his next job than his current job.

Without Give Them Nothing – Referendum 80, Bob Ferguson will continue to file lawsuits against his political enemies as he runs for Governor for the next two years and get paid $339,640. Give Them Nothing — Referendum 80 reduces that to $325,198 (his current salary). How good would it feel to impose a $14,442 arrogance tax on Sideshow Bob for all he’s doing to us?

Without Give Them Nothing – Referendum 80, the 9 judges on the Seattle Supreme Court will, over the next two years, continue to issue unanimous decisions that violate your rights and make your blood boil. For that, they’ll each get paid $431,052. Give Them Nothing — Referendum 80 takes exactly $50,222 out of each of their paychecks, leaving them with an Oliver-Twist-like income of $380,830 (their current salaries). Is a $50,222 arrogance tax on supreme court judges enough?

When your kids misbehave, do you raise their allowance?

Give Them Nothing – Referendum 80 has exactly 72 days left to get 160,000 signatures to qualify (deadline May 7). Signing up online doesn’t help us anymore. We need ink on paper signatures now. It’s time to go old school.

Here’s how to get petitions: hit “reply” to this email and tell me how many petitions you want (each petition has 20 lines), where you live, and your phone number. I’ll help you get as many petition sheets as you want. Order extras for friends and co-workers. Help us distribute them. I’m getting tons of requests but we need tons more. My email address is:, my cell is 509-991-5295, my landline is 425-590-9363. Please order petitions and help us get this awesome referendum on the November ballot.

If we succeed, Inslee’s arrogance tax will cost him personally $15,228, Ferguson’s arrogance tax will cost him personally $14,442, and Supreme judges’s arrogance tax will take away $50,222 from each of them.

I can absolutely positively guarantee you the politicians in Washington state will act a whole lot differently and deferentially when Give Them Nothing – Referendum 80 prevents their massive salary bonuses from taking effect on May 8th.

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© 2020 Permanent Offense