Give Them Nothing!


They want a 20% bonus.

They deserve a 20% cut!

The people say:


Politicians are asking for a 20% bonus from a commission of “regular citizens” (one of them is actually the husband of a state supreme court justice!).  It’s totally rigged.  The good news is that regardless of how big a bonus they want to dole out, the constitution guarantees the people the absolute right to put those bonuses to a public vote through a referendum.  Help us veto this massive pay-off scam.

Starting Feb 4th, we’re gonna have just 90 days to collect 160,000 voter signatures on official referendum petition sheets to qualify for a public vote. By starting early like this, we can make it so that the voters can veto this massive bonus for politicians.

We are no longer collecting signatures for this petition! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Top 5 Contributors: Larry Sundquist, William Montgomery, Tim Eyman, Kristina Sundquist, Morris Mehrer

© 2020 Permanent Offense


© 2020 Permanent Offense