Governor Eyman for Washington. At Seattle’s Sound Transit Board meeting today, I announced my run for Governor against Seattle’s Governor Jay Inslee.

by | Nov 20, 2019

Here’s my Facebook post announcing my candidacy:

At Seattle Sound Transit’s board meeting, I announced I’m running for Governor in 2020. Yes, that’s right, I am running against Jay Inslee, Seattle’s current Governor. Voters outside Seattle overwhelmingly passed $30 tabs but our votes didn’t count. Voters in Pierce county repudiated these taxes, Snohomish county voters repudiated these taxes. But Seattle didn’t. I’m so sick of Seattle making all decisions. I want to be the Governor for everyone who’s sick and tired of this crap. Donate here:

In that post, I included this photo from earlier this year:
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For 21 years, I’ve absolutely loved being an initiative activist, working with thousands of great people putting policy changes on the ballot for the voters to vote on. Earlier today, I showed you our track record of success – it’s truly remarkable:

But over and over again, when voters voted for our initiatives, the politicians refused to abide by our decision. They sued the voters, they bullied the voters, they undermined us when we weren’t looking.

“Do our votes even count anymore” is a question I’ve been getting asked repeatedly since I-976 passed.

But here’s what spurred me to do this: the overt corruption. On one side, you have Seattle government suing the voters. And on the other side is Bob Ferguson “defending” our vote. An AG who is pro-Sound Transit, anti-Eyman, and actively undermining I-976 with the Dept of Licensing.

So it’s two opponents of I-976 colluding to negate the people’s vote.

But it’s even worse than that: this is all getting decided in a downtown Seattle courtroom. And who’s the judge? Marshall Ferguson who was just appointed to the court by, you guessed it, Jay Inslee. The judge’s employer? THE PLAINTIFF. That’s right, the judge gets paid by the very government that’s arguing against the initiative.

I asked the AG if they were going to file for a change of venue: they replied no. I asked the AG if they were going to file an affidavit of prejudice against the judge because of his obvious conflicts: they replied no.

What we’re watching is the destruction of democracy. They are fundamentally undermining the people’s faith in government and confidence that our votes count.

How do you fight that?

By electing someone who has a proven track record of pushing for changes the voters support.

Always remember, who am I running against: Jay Inslee.

Jay Inslee said he had a plan to fix homelessness but he’d only implement it if voters rejected I-976.

Jay Inslee ran for President, forced taxpayers to pay for his security, and after getting 0% in the polls, and scurried back to Washington with his tail between his legs to do what: run for a 3rd term as Governor. It’s his consolation prize. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be Governor, he’s hedging his bets, counting on a Democrat President to appoint him to their Cabinet.

His priority is not the people, it’s himself.

Jay Inslee signed into law 12 tax increases that will cost taxpayers over $27 billion! And that was after promising, if elected, to veto any tax increase. 

We have a Seattle Legislature, Seattle Supreme Court, and Seattle Governor. Shouldn’t there be some representation for all the people outside Seattle? I’m sick of Seattle calling all the shots, getting everything they want, and no one standing up to them and saying “It doesn’t always have to be your way.”

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.


On Monday, the “Governor Eyman for Washington” political action committee will be filed (so you can begin mailing checks there now: Governor Eyman for Washington, PO Box 6151, Olympia, WA, 98503). Until then, you can donate to our continuing committee Permanent Offense (which can help candidates): Plz forward this email, share this update, and get others to forward/share it too.