Gregoire’s budget office lies about I-1185

by | Aug 17, 2012

Eyman sues state over I-1185 fiscal impact statement

PUBLICOLA, August 16, 2012

         Initiative maven Tim Eyman will represent himself in a lawsuit (read the final motion here: accusing the state Office of Financial Management of misstating the cost of I-1185, his initiative requiring a two-thirds majority of the state legislature to raise taxes (and a simple majority vote of the legislature to impose or increase fees).

        OFM has estimated that 1185 will cost between $22.8 million and $33.1 million in lost revenues through 2017; Eyman says it will cost the state nothing.

        Eyman, who will make his case before King County Superior Court Judge James Dixon sometime on the morning of Friday, August 24, (jokingly) explained his legal strategy to state senior council Steve Dietrich this way: ”I’m gonna get [OFM director] Marty Brown on the stand and under intense questioning, he’ll break down crying and admit that the impact statement was wrong.”

— END —

        This is just silly.  This year’s initiative, like our previous initiatives, simply requires the legislature to follow a specific procedure to take more of the people’s money.  They’ve gotta vote on them.  Taking votes is what the Legislature does in Olympia, it doesn’t cost ANYTHING.  And when it comes to fee increases, if the Legislature had followed the law and passed fee increases the way the voters demanded when they approved I-1053 in 2010, there would be no need for the Legislature to revote because of I-1185.

        In other words, forcing them to vote doesn’t cost anything and even if it did, it’s their own fault for not following voters’ I-1053 instructions.

        So I’ve got 7 days left to re-watch movies like “A Few Good Men” to prepare for next Friday’s hearing (will I get the chance to ask Gregoire: “Did you order the Code Red?” Will she reply “You can’t handle the truth”?)

        I’ll let you know how well my Perry Mason impression goes next Friday.