Help Us Deter Olympia From Raising Taxes – EVERYONE Sign Up For This Tax-Scheme-Alert System NOW!

by | Jan 14, 2021

Hang onto your wallet — taxpayers are never safe when the Legislature is in session. 

Over the past 8 legislative sessions, Inslee has raised taxes an unmerciful $52.1 billion. Nonetheless, he’s salivating to take even more … but only if it’s under the radar.   
Fortunately, we’ve got an unsung hero — Initiative 960 — that’s been protecting taxpayers since voters passed it in 2007. It forces the state budget office to track tax-raising bills, calculate their costs, and alert the public by email about their introduction, hearings, and legislative votes.  And the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of legislators sponsoring and voting for those tax-bills is printed on each one. 

I-960’s tax scheme alert system is keeping the public informed and scaring the politicians.

Here’s a news story about it:

It is getting in the way of open consideration of ideas,” said Rep. Maralyn Chase, D-Shoreline, who sponsored a bill that would tax greenhouse gas emissions (the bill would cost entities that extract or import things such as coal, petroleum and natural gas more than $26 billion over 10 years).  “It is getting in the way of taking care of the business of our state.  You would not believe the vitriol that has come in on my telephone today,” said Chase, who added lawmakers will be reluctant to have their names associated with any bill that would trigger I-960 notification.

Democrats hate having their tax schemes exposed. That’s what makes these email updates such an invaluable tool. But it only works if all of us sign up.

It’s super easy:

STEP 1: Click here:

STEP 2: Type in your email address (twice)

STEP 3: Type in a password (twice)

STEP 3: Check the box to maintain your privacy

STEP 4: Click “SUBMIT” at the bottom

STEP 5: Scan down to “Office of Financial Management” and click on the box marked “Tax and Fee Proposals”

STEP 6: Click “SUBMIT” at the bottom

The more of us who sign up, the better.

We can’t stop their tax increases if we don’t know about them. This email-alert-system puts the brightest light possible on Olympia’s tax-scheming.

Is it any wonder the AG is pushing for a lifetime ban on all my future political activity? 


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Thanks everyone. 

I love you all.