Here is the vote on I-1185 broken down by legislative district

by | Dec 11, 2012

Without I-1185’s overwhelming victory and the 2 tax advisory votes rejecting the 2012 legislature’s 2 tax increases, Olympia would be going down the path of business-as-usual with Democrats in charge of the House, Senate, and Governor’s office.  Those public votes on taxes showed that Washington’s electorate may vote Democrat, they may vote Republican, but regardless of who controls Olympia, the citizens want them kept on a very short leash.
          From the statewide results on I-1185, everyone knows that almost 2/3 of voters want 2/3 for taxes.  But what’s truly remarkable is looking at the district-by-district breakdown (we’ve also included the state politicians in each district): 
          You can see the results here: 
           I-1185 overwhelmingly passed in 44 of 49 legislative districts (only the 5 in Seattle rejected it).  It passed in every county.  And it’s the 5th time voters approved its policies, each victory by a wider margin than the last.
           The taxpayers are protected thanks to all of you and our efforts together. 

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