Here’s some perspective concerning Elway’s poll on I-1366

by | Oct 19, 2015

Washington pollster Stuart Elway claims I-1366’s support sits at 42% yes, 42% no, 16% undecided.

         The press will certainly hyperventilate as they always do whenever an Elway poll is released, as if his numbers are printed on stone tablets.  But without perspective, these numbers are meaningless.

         Let’s consider Elway’s October 24th, 2012 poll on our previous 2/3 initiative I-1185 (  it showed support at 49% yes, 30% no, 21% undecided.  The press hyperventilated back then, but less than 10 days later, voters overwhelmingly approved I-1185 with a 64% yes vote (

           Was this unusual?  No.  Elway’s September, 2010 poll on other 2/3 initiative I-1053:  48% yes, 27% no.  Nonetheless, voters overwhelmingly approved I-1053 with a 64% yes vote.

           Bottom line, Elway’s polls claim only 40% of voters want to make it tougher to raise taxes but 64% of voters have repeatedly supported it on election night.     

           Voters understand why Initiative 1366 essential:  because Jay Inslee is our Governor. 

            Candidate Inslee repeatedly promised to veto any tax increase.  But within 24 hours of becoming Governor, Inslee became the biggest cheerleader for taxes our state has ever had.  He’s now for everything:  income taxes, capital gains taxes, cap and tax, carbon taxes, fuel taxes, car tab taxes, marijuana taxes, beer taxes, business taxes (paid by their customers), etc.

        Jay Inslee is the poster child for I-1366 because he perfectly illustrates why the people must permanently protect themselves with a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment. 

        Olympia raised taxes a jaw-dropping $17.5 billion this year because there was no 2/3 requirement protecting us.  Now they’re talking about $35 billion more over the next 10 years (SEATTLE TIMES:  “Lawmakers from both parties agree another $3.5 billion is needed … That is a crucial investment needed to ensure the state’s future prosperity, but it would be all but impossible to make under I-1366.”)
         Who is the biggest cheerleader for this massive tax increase?  Of course:  Jay Inslee.

         Taxpayers must protect themselves from Inslee’s insatiable tax appetite.  Because he will not stop, ever, until you are dead broke.

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