Here’s what voters were saying with I-1185

by | Nov 13, 2012

Almost 2/3 of voters passed Initiative 1185, a whopping 30 point margin during a massive turnout of Washington voters.  Just two years ago, it won with a 28 point margin.  After an election, opponents always try to spin the situation in their direction but that’s simply not possible with I-1185 and its overwhelming mandate:  no way on tax and fee increases. 

       Any politician who pushes for more revenue in 2013 is disrespecting the voters’ clear message from I-1185. 

       The people have made their position crystal clear with their overwhelming vote for Initiative 1185:  higher taxes and increased fees will not help our state’s sluggish economy recover faster.  Struggling taxpayers simply cannot handle a greater burden.  Olympia needs to focus on governmental reform and prioritization and getting the biggest bang for the buck from existing revenues. 

          We can only keep fighting if you support us.  Jack, Mike, and I ask for your help.