When We Qualify I-1648 And Kill Off 11 New Taxes Imposed By Democrats This Year, Thank Cary Condotta

by | May 24, 2019

Cary Condotta has gone full circle. For 14 years, he was a member of state house representing the citizens of Chelan and surrounding areas.

But before that, he was one of the original “kamikazes”, one of the key leaders for the Initiative 695 and 747 signature drives in 1999 and 2001. He collected tens of thousands of signatures for those tax initiatives that lowered vehicle tabs and capped property taxes.

Now he’s back and setting his sights on making sure that our initiative “TERM LIMITS ON NEW TAXES” qualifies for the November ballot.

Just days ago, he and his team launched the new Facebook page:  Washington for I1648  

He hoped they’d hit 300 people by the July 5 deadline for signatures.  

In 3 days, they’re now at 3000! 

It’s spreading like wildfire all across Washington. More and more people are joining his grassroots army and more and more businesses are stepping forward to be a “signature spot” for voters to sign petitions for I-1648 (the vape stores are bouncing off the walls excited about this — they got absolutely SLAMMED by the Legislature’s massive tax hike on them!).

With the July 5 deadline fast approaching, we are only asking for your help collecting signatures for the next 5 weeks!

Just 5 weeks for businesses to put petitions on their counters for customers to come in and sign. Just 5 weeks to get rid of $27 billion in tax hikes.