Highlight of the night: voters sent a very clear anti-tax message to Inslee & Ferguson & Democrat-controlled Legislature — heck no to higher taxes — help us send that same message again in 2019 with our $30 Tabs Initiative

by | Nov 7, 2018

Last night, the voters repudiated initiatives that created new taxes and embraced initiatives that protected us from higher taxes — Hallelujah!

The media and the establishment slavishly obsess over the candidate races.

But if you wanna know what voters are thinking, look at the tax initiatives.  Voters sent an unambiguous message.  We were asked:  do you want this higher tax – yes or no?  Do you want to be protected from higher taxes – yes or no?  These victories are hugely significant and impactful. 

Voters overwhelmingly repudiated the carbon tax — this victory for taxpayers overshadowed everything else last night.  It was like a massive EXCLAMATION POINT because it was the 2nd time voters rejected carbon taxes (the crazies actually thought that I-732 in 2016 lost because it wasn’t radical enough!!).  The people said NO, and now they’ve said HECK NO!!

And thank goodness the business community stood up for itself on this one.  Over and over again in past years the employers of Washington stood on the sidelines and allowed themselves to get steamrolled.  But beating back the carbon tax and rejecting Seattle’s sugar tax and Seattle’s jobs tax is an extremely positive development.  It sends a message to state and local governments:  higher taxes will be viscerally opposed by the big guys (the employers) and the little guys (average taxpayers). 

As for the voters’ rejection of Seattle’s sugar tax with I-1634, thank goodness.  I’m absolutely thrilled that voters rejected the Nanny state — you just knew that if they got away with it on sugar, next they’d start taxing salt, and then butter, bacon, ham, sausage, and eggs (what the heck are we supposed to have for breakfast?)

Voters clearly recognize that when governments say “we’re taxing those things for your own good,” it’s complete bull-hockey.  They’re doing it because they want the money and because they want to control more and more of our lives.  

Do you remember the coconut-oil-for-movie-popcorn hysteria a couple of years ago?  Every scold and condescending scrooge went nuts because our popcorn tasted too good.  Gimmee a break!  Doesn’t government have higher priorities than micromanaging our lives in such a condescending, father-knows-best way?

And that’s exactly what they’re doing to us when it comes to our vehicles.  Despite voters saying over and over and over again “we want $30 tabs”, politicians have tacked on taxes and other charges on our vehicles in recent years.  None of us are paying $30 to license our vehicles.  Why?  Because our employees (the politicians) refuse to listen to their employers (the people).

When politicians don’t listen to us, we need to speak even louder.

We’ve got a super-decibel-level megaphone in our hands:  it’s the campaign for Initiative 976.  It repeals taxes and other charges recently imposed on our vehicles.  It gets rid of the dishonest and corrupt vehicle valuation schedule that artificially inflates the value of our vehicles to take more money from us than they should.  It says everyone pays $30 per year to license their vehicles, regardless of year, value, make, or model.  $30 for everybody.  State and local governments mega-slam us with a sky-high sales tax when we buy our vehicles and drain us dry with a massive gas tax and sky-high tolls when we use our vehicles, they don’t deserve a third-bite-at-the-apple, a massive tax on us just to ownour vehicles.  They’ve already gotten their pound of flesh out of us for the unforgivable sin of having vehicles.  

As the Seattle Times reported last night:  “Tim Eyman says he needs 50K more signatures to send a $30 car tab initiative to the ballot in 2019.”

We need those additional signatures before the Dec 31 deadline.  We’re over 3/4 of the way there.  This taxpayer victory is within reach.

But we can’t do it alone — we need everyone to help.   

Top 5 Contributors: Suzanne Burke, Puget Sound Chapter NECA PAC, Andrew Skotdal, Tim Eyman, Thomas O’Brien

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