House Democrats vote to impose $3000 tax increase on family of 4

by | Feb 24, 2017

This week, all of the House Democrats voted to raise taxes $3000 on a family of four EACH YEAR.  That’s $11.7 billion total ($7.2 billion over 4 years and then $6.5 per two-year budget thereafter). 

           $3000 annually on a family of four.  And so if your family is bigger, then their vote will cost you way over $3000 per year.  

         But Democrats “pulled an Inslee” and hid which taxes they’d increase to pay for their unsustainable spending.  

         Their jaw-dropping dishonesty is despicable.  

         So families are gonna be forced to pay but Democrats refuse to disclose how they’re gonna impose it. 

         As the state budget office reported and we disseminated on Monday, Inslee’s tax increases have a 10-year cost of $51.2 billion ($20.9 billion carbon taxes, $14.4 billion business taxes, $9.5 billion income taxes, $4.3 billion different income taxes, $2.1 billion taxes on bottled water and others).  

        Nearly 2/3 of voters are opposed to higher taxes but we’re stuck with a Governor and Democrats in the House and Senate who are obsessed with raising taxes.  

          I ask you — RIGHT NOW — to email this, or something like this to ALL legislators:

“I strongly oppose the House Democrats’ scheme to radically raise taxes.  Their vote this week to impose unprecedented, unsustainable spending with undisclosed tax hikes is totally unacceptable.  You cannot tax us to prosperity.  A massive surge in spending means massive, disruptive cuts when the economy dips as it periodically always does.  Gradual increases in spending using existing tax revenues from our already overtaxed citizenry is the only responsible way forward.  Besides, the tax cupboard is completely bare after Sound Transit’s $54 billion pig-out.  In election after election, we’ve shown that nearly 2/3 of voters oppose higher taxes.  If you are a legislator elected from outside Seattle, you need to represent the supermajority of voters in your district who oppose higher taxes.  88 out of 98 House members and 44 out of 49 Senators represent districts outside Seattle and they are filled with voters who don’t want you raising their taxes.  Listen to them.”

            Cut and paste these email addresses into the To line of your email — here’s the 98 House members:

sherry.appleton@leg.wa.govandrew.barkis@leg.wa.govsteve.bergquist@leg.wa.govbrian.blake@leg.wa.govvincent.buys@leg.wa.govmichelle.caldier@leg.wa.govbruce.chandler@leg.wa.govmike.chapman@leg.wa.govfrank.chopp@leg.wa.govjudy.clibborn@leg.wa.goveileen.cody@leg.wa.govcary.condotta@leg.wa.govrichard.debolt@leg.wa.govtom.dent@leg.wa.govbeth.doglio@leg.wa.govlaurie.dolan@leg.wa.govmary.dye@leg.wa.govjessyn.farrell@leg.wa.govjake.fey@leg.wa.govjoe.fitzgibbon@leg.wa.govnoel.frame@leg.wa.govroger.goodman@leg.wa.govpaul.graves@leg.wa.govmia.gregerson@leg.wa.govdan.griffey@leg.wa.govlarry.haler@leg.wa.govdrew.hansen@leg.wa.govmark.hargrove@leg.wa.govmark.harmsworth@leg.wa.govpaul.harris@leg.wa.govdave.hayes@leg.wa.govjeff.holy@leg.wa.govzack.hudgins@leg.wa.govmorgan.irwin@leg.wa.govbill.jenkin@leg.wa.govlaurie.jinkins@leg.wa.govnorm.johnson@leg.wa.govruth.kagi@leg.wa.govchristine.kilduff@leg.wa.govsteve.kirby@leg.wa.govbrad.klippert@leg.wa.govshelley.kloba@leg.wa.govjohn.koster@leg.wa.govvicki.kraft@leg.wa.govjoel.kretz@leg.wa.govdan.kristiansen@leg.wa.govjohn.lovick@leg.wa.govkristine.lytton@leg.; timm.ormsby@leg.wa.govlillian.ortiz-self@leg.wa.govtina.orwall@leg.wa.govkevin.parker@leg.wa.govmike.pellicciotti@leg.wa.govstrom.peterson@leg.wa.goveric.pettigrew@leg.wa.govliz.pike@leg.wa.govgerry.pollet@leg.wa.govkristine.reeves@leg.wa.govmarcus.riccelli@leg.wa.govjune.robinson@leg.wa.govjay.rodne@leg.wa.govcindy.ryu@leg.wa.govsharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.govdavid.sawyer@leg.wa.govjoe.schmick@leg.wa.govmike.sells@leg.wa.govtana.senn@leg.wa.govmatt.shea@leg.wa.govvandana.slatter@leg.wa.govnorma.smith@leg.wa.govlarry.springer@leg.wa.govmelanie.stambaugh@leg.wa.govderek.stanford@leg.wa.govmike.steele@leg.wa.govdrew.stokesbary@leg.wa.govmonica.stonier@leg.wa.govpat.sullivan

           Send a separate email for the Senate:

       Our voices will be heard if we all do our part!  Sending these 2 emails RIGHT NOW will help a lot AS LONG AS EVERYONE DOES IT. 

       We are thrilled with the positive feedback we’re getting on this year’s initiative.  The Property Tax Fairness Initiative is a bold, exciting proposal that helps everyone. It cuts property taxes 25%, caps property tax increases, and eliminates the personal property tax.  It’s all about making property taxes fairer.  Help us make it a reality.