Huge announcement next week on Initiative 976 – $30 tabs isn’t just about you

Don’t think of just yourself.

Think about your family, your friends, your co-workers, and all the taxpayers in Washington state who will benefit from our initiative to Bring Back Our $30 Tabs.

Also, our initiative reminds state and local politicians that they work for us. That it is the people who are sovereign. That the Constitution guarantees the people the right to initiative. And that when the citizens say they want $30 tabs, they mean they want $30 tabs.

Not $100, not $500, not $1500.

$30 means $30.

And I truly believe this: it’s not about the money anymore. We’ve saved taxpayers tens of billions of dollars over the years because voters approved our previous $30 tabs initiatives. And that’s great. And we’ll all save billions more when I-976 passes too. But more importantly, this is a chance for the people to express their visceral opposition to big government and oppressive taxation.

So as we push and promote Initiative 976, we’re gonna talk a lot about other things that government is doing that is unacceptable too.

State and local politicians seem to think that taxpayers have bottomless wallets — they seem to have an insatiable tax appetite.

Like a bully on the playground, they’re gonna keep pushing us around until we stand up to them and fight back.

We are David, politicians are Goliath, and Initiative 976 is our stone.

Help yourself, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and millions of struggling taxpayers throughout Washington by helping us get our $30 tabs initiative over the finish line.

Top 5 Contributors: Suzanne Burke, Puget Sound Chapter NECA PAC, Andrew Skotdal, Tim Eyman, Thomas O’Brien

© 2020 Permanent Offense


© 2020 Permanent Offense