Huge victory! I-976 takes effect! But Sound Transit refuses to comply!

by | Mar 12, 2020

Huge victory, your emails did it, judge lifted injunction today, I-976 takes effect now! But fight continues because Sound Transit refuses to comply with the law.

Tell AG Bob Ferguson to stop protecting Sound Transit and force them to comply with Section 12 that requires them to retire bonds NOW so car tab tax can be repealed.

Over 4 months ago, we the voters overwhelmingly passed Initiative 976.

Overcoming $5 million in threats, lies, and scare tactics was very gratifying!

All of its provisions and policies were scheduled to take effect on December 5. They didn’t. Why? Because Seattle sued the voters because they didn’t like how the voters voted. And a Jay Inslee appointed judge got bamboozled by Seattle’s slick lawyers that voters were “confused.” So he put the initiative’s provisions and policies on hold, forcing taxpayers to continue to pay taxes and fees that voters overwhelmingly rejected.

Adding to the outrage, Jay Inslee refused implement $30 Tabs, agreeing with the judge that the voters were “confused.”

A few weeks ago, this judge reversed himself (thanks to the brilliant legal arguments presented by super attorney Stephen Pidgeon and despite AG Bob Ferguson’s sabotage) and found the initiative constitutional. Yes, that’s right, a King County judge found this Eyman initiative constitutional. A King County judge said this Eyman initiative complied with the single subject rule. A King County judge said voters were NOT “confused.”

But the judge didn’t lift the injunction, saying more legal arguments were needed. So additional briefs were filed. The judge was supposed to rule last Friday on allowing I-976 to take effect. He didn’t.

So several hundred regular citizens have been cattle-prodding this judge since Monday, emailing him over and over and over again to lift the injunction. Your emails worked. He issued his ruling today (

And we the people won. He lifted the injunction. So Initiative 976 that the voters overwhelmingly passed is the law now.

Democracy didn’t die, it was only suspended for 3 months.

Your votes did count.

So here’s where things stand:

  • For vehicle owners in the 36 counties outside the Puget Sound, all vehicle taxes and fees targeted by I-976 are now illegal for the government to take from you. So any vehicle fee imposed by any city (transportation benefit district car-tab-fee) is eliminated, any weight fee imposed by the state government is eliminated, and a state sales tax surcharge on the purchase of a vehicle is eliminated. With the injunction lifted, these taxes and fees no longer need to be paid – they’re outta here!
  • For vehicle owners in Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties, these taxes and fees on vehicles are eliminated now: any vehicle fee imposed by a city (transportation benefit district car-tab-fee), except Burien (long story), weight fees imposed by state government, and a state sales tax surcharge on the purchase of a vehicle. With the injunction lifted, these taxes and fees no longer need to be paid – they’re outta here!

So everyone’s vehicle costs have been lowered dramatically effective TODAY!

But Sound Transit’s dishonest vehicle tax and Sound Transit’s artificially-inflated vehicle valuation schedule will continue to be imposed on vehicle owners because Sound Transit refuses to abide by I-976’s Section 12. What does Section 12 require? It specifically and emphatically says that Sound Transit “must fully retire, defease, or refinance” any car-tab-tax-backed bonds. Once those bonds go away, then their dishonest vehicle tax and valuation schedule goes away. With the judge’s order lifting the injunction, Section 12 takes effect today. Sound Transit is a local government. There is now a state law in effect today that mandates this local government “fully retire, defease, or refinance” those bonds. It is a state law mandating they take that action. Retire them, defease them, or refinance them. Make them go away. That is what I-976 requires and that is what the voters voted for.

But during oral argument, when this judge asked the AG what Section 12 did, he replied “I don’t know.”

On behalf of every taxpayer, I expressed our collective outrage to his face:

AG Bob Ferguson didn’t support I-976. He didn’t vote for it either. Since day one, AG Bob Ferguson has been sabotaging I-976 from within. It’s past time he do his job and defend the voters’ clear mandate.

CALL TO ACTION: Email Bob Ferguson and his legal team RIGHT AWAY

Cut and paste these into the To line of your email:

Subject line: Bob, when it comes to defending I-976 …

In the body of your email, write this or something like this:

Bob, do your job. We voted to eliminate Sound Transit’s dishonest car tab taxes and dishonest valuation schedule. To do that, I-976 created a state law that requires Sound Transit to “fully retire, defease, or refinance” its’ car-tab-tax-backed bonds. That law took effect today. You file lawsuits against the President every other day — it’s time you file a lawsuit against Sound Transit and force them to follow the law. Eliminating Sound Transit’s dishonest vehicle tax and dishonest valuation schedule was the central policy in I-976 – it’s your job to fight to get that policy implemented. Tell me when you’re going to start doing that.

He needs to hear from all of us. Tell Bob Ferguson to do his job and aggressively defend I-976’s Section 12 which took effect today. It’s a simple argument: the people approved a new state law that orders a local government do something. Make them do that. It’s what the voters overwhelmingly voted for. Do your job.

Join me this Sat @ Oak Harbor (Island County) for 2 events:

1) MEET-AND-GREET with Tim Eyman, this Sat, March 14, 3:00pm-5:00pm, home of super activist Shannon Williams. I’m so grateful to Shannon for opening up her “ranch styled, easy going” home for this. She said she’ll “pick up food at the BBQ joint to snack on.” Sounds fantastic..

2) POSTPONED — I just learned that this event was postponed. ISLAND COUNTY GOP LINCOLN DAY DINNER, Sat, March 14, Oak Harbor. AGAIN, IT’S BEEN POSTPONED, BUT I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME AT SHANNON’S.

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I love you all.


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