I-1366 victory is gonna be officially certified on Wednesday — an amazing accomplishment

by | Dec 1, 2015

At 3 pm on Wednesday (tomorrow), the Secretary of State will officially certify the election results and declare I-1366 a winner.  It’s an amazing accomplishment.  

       6 times the voters have been given the opportunity to pass a ballot measure making it tougher to raise taxes.  And 6 times they’ve approved it.  6 times.  There’s never been a policy in our state’s history that’s had more consistent voter validation and support than requiring two-thirds legislative approval or voter approval for raising taxes.

       When it was on the ballot in 2012, a high turnout presidential year, it got 64% of the vote and passed in every county.  It was overwhelmingly approved in the 44 legislative districts outside Seattle.  It got more votes than any initiative in state history (1.9 million).  It got more votes than Inslee got.  It got more votes than Obama got.  That was the 5th time voters had approved the 2/3-for-taxes vote requirement.

       But in February of 2013, the state supreme court said we needed to pursue a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment.  For the rest of 2013, we filed 85 different initiatives and explored 85 different statutory methods to convince the Legislature to refer it to the ballot.

      In 2014, we pursued I-1325 which knocked a penny off the sales tax unless the Legislature referred it.  In July, when we didn’t make it, we wrote:  “We worked really hard, but our signature drive fell short this year — we’re just gonna have to work even harder next time.”

      And that’s exactly what we did:  we worked even harder.  From a 2nd mortgage on my home, I loaned $250,000 to the campaign to jump start the signature drive for I-1366.  Donors big and small pitched in.  Our volunteers worked hard.  And with diligent, relentless effort over 5 months, we succeeded at collecting the required number of signatures.  

        Then our opponents tried to get the courts to prevent the people from voting on it.  That failed.

        Then our opponents tried to convince the voters to reject I-1366.  That failed.  Instead, voters gave us our 6th ballot box victory.

        Then, after our victory and in anticipation of the Democrats’ refusal to refer the constitutional amendment to the ballot, we announced our next initiative that puts a one-year time limit on tax increases.  We’re very openly saying that we’re more than happy to do this initiative next year if those 58 Democrats refuse to respect the voters’ passage of I-1366.  We’re making it very clear that voters will either vote on a 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment or they will vote on our new tougher-to-raise-taxes initiative.   

        The new petition makes that voter education very easy:

Front of the petition (here’s link: www.voterswantmorechoices.com/2016petition.pdf

Back of the petition (here’s link:  www.voterswantmorechoices.com/2016petition.pdf

        We are committed to getting the people what they deserve:  permanent protection from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite. 

        Working together, we will succeed.

        It’s clear we need your help now more than ever.

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