I Ask For Your Prayers This Morning — Send As Much Positive Energy As You Can

by | Apr 5, 2019

I ask for your prayers this morning — today at 9am, court hearing on Lifetime Ban

I ask for your prayers this morning.  Send as much positive energy as you can.  What’s going to happen is not in my hands — I just need to trust that things will turn out the way they’re supposed to. 

I’m grateful to my friends and family for being in my corner and for all the words of love and support and encouragement during this stressful time. 

And thank you for helping me get this far.  

I love you all. 


The court hearing on the Lifetime Ban:

Day:  Friday, April 5
Start time:  9:00 am
Arrival time:  no later than 8:30 am (parking is tough, gotta go through security, courtroom isn’t very big, etc)
Where:  Thurston County Superior Court, 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW, Bldg 2, Olympia — courtroom is on 2nd floor, #201
Who:  Judge James Dixon will hear oral argument — it’s gonna be me (the AG vetoed my attorneys, so I’m forced to argue it myself pro se) versus the full power of the State.

I’ve heard from friends/supporters who are planning on attending.  I’m so grateful to those of you who can make it — I think it’ll really help me.  But I totally understand if you can’t.  Remember, TVW is taping it and will have it posted to their website later that afternoon (here’s the link that’ll allow you to watch it online once they upload it: https://www.tvw.org/watch/?eventID=2019041019).

Make sure to read my closing argument:

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