I Scored A Huge Victory Against AG Bob Ferguson Yesterday — That Only Happened Thanks To All Of You

by | Jan 22, 2021

8 years. That’s how long the government has been investigating and litigating this case.  

AG Bob Ferguson has spent nearly $2 million in taxpayers’ money to persecute me and my family. That’s more money than all campaign reporting cases over the past 8 years combined.

For years and years and years, he’s blasted me with a blizzard of motions, depositions, interrogatories, hearings, and discovery. The legal costs to defend myself got so astronomically high that I was forced to file for bankruptcy over 2 years ago.

After that, I was forced to represent myself because the AG bullied my attorney off the case. I lost motion after motion because I had no idea what I was doing.

Finally, former supreme court justice Richard Sanders stepped up and he’s been representing me for the past year.

He and his law firm — after nearly 8 months of arduous work — finally got me through the AG’s gauntlet of discovery and ready for trial.

It was originally supposed to be held in November 2018. Then the AG got it delayed to Jan 2020, and then delayed to July 2020, and then delayed to Nov 2020.

And then, once it started, it got delayed ’til December and delayed ’til January 2021.

Ferguson counted on these delays to break me.  

He failed.

Yesterday, Richard Sanders gave his closing argument.

It was brilliant of course.

AG Ferguson never wanted nor expected to have to prove anything in court.

His case against me is so weak and his claims against me are so bizarre that he was counting on:

1) Me giving up.
2) My friends and supporters giving up
3) Me running out of money so I couldn’t get to trial and defend myself.

But thanks to all of you helping me over the past 8 years:

1) I didn’t give up
2) You didn’t give up.
3) It cost me everything I have and I owe my attorneys 100’s of thousands of dollars, but Richard did a brilliant job exposing the AG’s lies about me (more about that next week).

Yesterday was a huge victory for us and a crushing defeat for Ferguson.

In court, here’s what the AG asked for:

1) that I be forced to pay $7.6 million in fines (pure insanity!)
2) that I, Tim Eyman personally, be classified as a “continuing political committee” requiring me to register with the government and hire a treasurer who would have to file reports every month for the rest of my life listing all my personal financial transactions (totally unprecedented!).
3) that I not be an officer for a political committee for the rest of my life.

The judge’s ruling is expected in 2 weeks.

Regardless of the court’s decision, I feel we’ve already won because:

* I made it through this 8 year ordeal thanks to all of you.
* I survived Ferguson’s $2 million jihad thanks to all of you.
* I have more friends and supporters than ever before.

Our efforts to protect taxpayers are needed now more than ever.

With your help and support, I’m certain that we will continue to score victories for the people of the state of Washington for years to come.  


I really need your help to survive AG Bob Ferguson’s investigation / litigation / persecution of me and my family. The only reason we’re still here is thanks to the heartfelt prayers and generous support from friends like you. Please donate to my legal defense fund here:

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Thanks everyone. 

I love you all.