I Want Everyone To Ask ‘Em Why!! All 9 Judges Refuse To Reconsider Their Absurd $30 Tabs Ruling

by | Dec 4, 2020

The people are on our side — the 9 judges on the state supreme court are not.

Taxpayers are forced to pay each of them a salary of $220,320 this year. For that much, we deserve an explanation.

Our motion for reconsideration required them to reconsider their absurd decision on our $30 Tabs Initiative. 

They refused.

Ask ’em why.

Despite being appointed by Jay Inslee and despite the plaintiff being his employer, King County Judge Marshall Ferguson did what a judge is supposed to do.

His ruling upholding our $30 Tabs Initiative provided a well-reasoned, logical roadmap to the 9 judges on the state supreme court to come to the same conclusion: that all the provisions in I-976 related to the single subject of lowering vehicle costs, and that voters weren’t confused.

Whenever we were onstage during the campaign, I always asked Riley: “What does the $30 Tabs Initiative do?” 

Her answer: “It gives everyone $30 Car Tabs.”

“Look at that, my 12 year old daughter is smarter than all 9 judges on the state supreme court!”

RIGHT NOW, email all 9 judges — it’s easy:

In the “To:” line of your email to them, COPY AND PASTE this: 


In the Subject line, COPY AND PASTE this:

As publicly elected supreme court judges, the taxpayers of Washington are forced to pay each of you a salary of $220,320 this year. For that much, I deserve a response and explanation from all 9 of you individually.

In the body of the email, COPY AND PASTE this (or write something yourself to convince them): 

As publicly elected supreme court judges, the taxpayers of Washington are forced to pay each of you a salary of $220,320 this year. For that much, I deserve a response and explanation from all 9 of you individually.

Why did you refuse to reconsider your absurd ruling on I-976?  

King County Judge Marshall Ferguson provided a well-reasoned, logical roadmap to upholding our $30 Tabs Initiative, why did you refuse to follow it?

Anything goes for liberal initiatives (KIRO: “Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit against anti-gun initiative I-1639”).

But we all know it’s totally different with conservative initiatives. It’s not supposed to be that way. When an initiative is approved by voters, judges are required to bend-over-backwards to uphold them — initiatives, and legislative laws, are assumed to be constitutional and there’s a very heavy burden to prove they’re not. And any time a law or description can be read and construed and interpreted more than one way, a judge must read it, construe it, and interpret it in the way that upholds it.

Judge Ferguson did that, explain to me why you didn’t. 

From Judge Ferguson’s ruling (https://tinyurl.com/976CourtRuling): “The ballot title does not mislead … a plain reading of I-976’s ballot title indicates to an inquiring mind the scope and purpose of the initiative, and gives notice that would lead to an inquiry into the body of the act. WASAVP, 174 Wn.2d at 660. … Liberally construing I-976’s ballot title in favor of the initiative, as the Court must, the Court concludes that it satisfies the subject-in-title rule.” 

Why didn’t you follow the rules like Judge Ferguson did?

All 9 of you claimed that one section of I-976 — Section 12 — didn’t have anything to do with limiting vehicle taxes. 

From Judge Ferguson’s ruling: Section 12 is germane to the general subject of motor vehicle fees and taxes because it is intended to ensure that one type of repealed motor vehicle tax, the special MVET levied and collected by Sound Transit, is no longer collected. Section 12 accomplishes this by requiring that bonds repaid by special MVET revenues must be retired early, defeased, or refinanced. … Section 12 is a necessary precursor to the repeal of MVET tax authority … Since Section 12 is necessary to implement Sections 10 and 11 (which repeal Sound Transit’s car tab tax), both of which are germane to the general subject of motor vehicle taxes and fees, Section 12 is likewise germane to the same general subject. … all of I-976’s provisions operate in a coordinated, conjunctive way to serve a unified legislative goal of repealing, reducing, or removing authority to impose motor vehicle fees and taxes. They are germane to each other and to I-976’s general subject. … Section 12 is necessary to achieve the repeal of the special MVET … as such, Section 12’s impact upon existing bonds is directly related to facilitating the tax repeals and reductions.” 

Explain why Judge Ferguson’s reasoning isn’t correct.

Now that you’ve refused to reconsider your decision and that I’m forced to pay each of you $220,320 this year, I demand and deserve a response and explanation from all 9 of you individually. 

— END —


It’s not over — the fight for $30 Tabs continues.

This is why the AG’s lawsuit asks for a lifetime ban on all my future political activity.

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