I was the only one there to testify against getting rid of the 1% property tax cap

by | Feb 17, 2017

The hearing room was packed full of powerful lobbyists, specialy interest groups, officials, and politicians who all said that the people don’t support the 1% property tax cap anymore.  They were asking  the Legislature to empower state and local governments to unilaterally raise property taxes without a vote of the people. 

         I was the only person there to testify against this betrayal (these hearings are always rigged against regular citizens).  Click on this to watch it:  



*  “Even with the existing property tax cap, King County’s general fund revenue grew 8% last year. … That explosive growth in revenue for them and other governments is even with the 1% cap in place.  And if that’s not enough, governments can always go to voters and ask for more.  I’m tired, and voters are tired, of listening to governments’ incessant, childish whining about this proven, effective, flexible property tax cap.”

*  “When the Legislature reenacted the 1% cap in a special session in 2007, Uber liberal legislator Brendan Williams from Olympia said:  ‘We have a compact with voters.  When voters legislate, we need to respect their work too.’  Speaker Frank Chopp said he ‘would vote proudly for the tax cap.’
Governor Gregoire said:  ‘I think the voters said very clearly what they wanted.  My motivation is what the voters had to say.  And the voters said they’re fearful about whether they’re going to be able to keep their homes.
I think it is exactly what the voters want to have done.'” 

*  “I think it was very telling when (prime sponsor of SB 5772) Senator Pedersen said ‘We’ve lost control’.  WE’VE lost control.  The whole idea of the cap is so that the voters will have control, not the politicians.  So he’s right, the government lost control.  Now the control is in the hands of the voters and that’s what the voters want.” 

      Finally, here is a short clip where I respond to a question asked by Senator Tim Sheldon: