I went to Bernie Sanders’ political rally in Seattle yesterday — my thoughts

by | Mar 21, 2016

    I love politics.  I’m a political junkie through and through.  For me, political events are like going to Woodstock in the 60’s.   

        Since 1998, I’ve been attending county, state, and national conventions with the GOP.  In 2008, I went to the King County Democrats’ convention in Seattle, collecting signatures for that year’s initiative.  In 2012, I went as a guest to the National Republican Party convention in Florida.  While I was there, I watched every single speech by every single speaker.    

        I love it.  I love it all.

        Yesterday, I went to the Bernie Sanders presidential rally in Seattle’s Key Arena.  I wore a bright red “Exercise Your Right To Vote” t-shirt.  I wasn’t there to convert anyone to my way of thinking — I was there to experience politics through the eyes of people who have a completely different value system than I have.  It was incredibly fun.  Before it began, a Bernie Sanders organizer “checked in” to see if I was there to make trouble.  Rushing the stage, spewing hate-filled profanity, heckling, giving the crowd the finger — that’s just not my style.  I was there to drink it all in.  And boy, did I!

       My big take-away:  a slow-growing anemic economy — which is what we’ve been experiencing for nearly a decade — has got people at each other’s throats.  Politicians like Bernie Sanders are tapping into the angst and uncertainty and fear that people feel not just about their future, but their here and now.  Is the American dream — having the next generation being better off than the last — inapplicable moving forward?  That’s scary.  

        Democrats say the problem is not enough government involvement, Republicans say it’s too much government involvement.  

        Regardless of which category people fall into, there is, in my view, one undeniable truth:  that taking more of the people’s money during these uncertain and difficult economic times is the last thing the taxpayers and our struggling economy needs.  Government needs to “make do” with the money they’re already collecting and allocate and spend those existing dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Any politician who says the problem with government and the economy is that taxpayers aren’t paying enough in taxes is completely clueless.  

       We have one of the highest sales taxes in the nation, one of the biggest gas taxes, sky-high property taxes, high business taxes, the highest death tax in the country, onerous utility/telephone/cable taxes, and sinfully high sin taxes on tobacco, liquor, marijuana, etc.  No one can say that taxpayers in Washington aren’t already paying more than their fair share.  State budgets are up to $38 billion and growing many times faster than inflation with the taxes we’re already paying!  

        I-1366 was approved by voters because Olympia has an insatiable tax appetite.  No matter how much they take, they always push for more.  It’s like pouring water in a bucket filled with holes:  it’ll never be enough.

        Candidate Jay Inslee repeatedly promised to veto any tax increase.  Within 24 hours of becoming Governor, he reneged and became the biggest “raise taxes” cheerleader our state has ever seen.  House and Senate Democrats have an endless laundry list of tax increases they want, dragging one legislative session after another into overtime (including the current one). 

        Raising taxes is not the answer to our state’s struggling economy.  It will only hurt it more.  Raising taxes is not the solution to taxpayers’ current struggles, it will only hurt them.  

        For nearly a third of my life I have done political activism.  For the rest of my life, I will continue to.  Why?  I love everything about it.  More importantly, it needs to be done.  

        Jack, Mike, and our entire team are junk-yard dogs when it comes to this stuff.  So you can count on us to keep trying.   

         But whether we continue to succeed or not is up to you.  We will keep winning on behalf of taxpayers as long as your financial support continues.  Please make a donation today.  With your help and support, we have accomplished extraordinary things for the taxpayers of Washington.  Help us continue.  

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