I Went To Inslee’s Presidential Kick-Off In Seattle To Ask Him A Question – His Wall Kept Me Out

by | Mar 1, 2019


There’s two ways you can help:

1) Ask me for petitions — tons of folks are asking me for petitions but we need tons more. Hit reply to this email (or email me directly tim.eyman@gmail.com or call/text me 509-991-5295) and tell me your name, how many petitions you want, and where you live. I’ll help you get those petitions right away.

2) Go to our website https://permanentoffense.com/donate and make a secure online contribution. OR, you can print this form, fill it out, and return it with a check or credit card information.

Give Them Nothing is a statewide referendum that lets the voters veto the proposed massive salary bonuses for Inslee, Ferguson, and the Seattle Supreme Court. Inslee is scheduled to get a $15K bonus, Ferguson a $14K bonus, and each Supreme Judge $50K bonus on May 8th. But if we can turn-in 160,000 signatures on May 7th, the day before, then their massive salary bonuses won’t take effect and instead will get vetoed by voters in November.

And when voters do that — if you help me give voters that chance — Inslee will be forced to scrape by on his current salary of $354K as he runs for President the next two years, Ferguson will struggle with his current $320K as he runs for Governor the next two years, and Supreme Judges will do just fine on their current $380K over next two years.

Last Friday, we launched the signature drive for this historic effort. We only have 62 days left to get those 160,000 signatures. I’ll do my part as I always do (http://tinyurl.com/IWillHelpButRestUpToYou) but the rest if up to you. I know we can do it. I think voters are spittin’ mad at these clowns and would relish the chance to veto politicians’ massive salary bonuses.

Imagine how great it’ll feel for our $30 Tabs Initiative — which is already on the November ballot — to have a partner: Give Them Nothing — Referendum 80.

© 2020 Permanent Offense


© 2020 Permanent Offense