by | Nov 20, 2015

A storm hit Olympia this week.  No, not a weather storm, something much more powerful:  a voter-powered political storm.  And the eye of that storm was Governor Jay Inslee’s office at roughly 10:10 am on Wednesday after we filed our new “Tougher To Raise Taxes” Initiative. 

        Please take the time to watch this YouTube video of Wednesday’s filing of our new initiative (you gotta make sure to at least watch the governor’s spokesman’s hysterical meltdown) — please forward this video to others:


00:00 – 2:50 is the three of us walking up the steps of the Capitol Building to the Secretary of State’s office

2:50 – 9:50 we announce our new initiative and highlight the petition with headshots, etc.

9:50 – 10:30 is the actual filing of the initiative itself with the Secretary of State.

At the 10:36 minute mark, we move over to the Governor’s office to continue the press conference

At 11:10 minute mark, we restart.

11:10 – 13:37 we talk about the bowl of ice cream for the governor

13:37 – 17:21, Governor’s communications director tries to shut down our press conference (vigorous reparte between us ensues)

17:21 – 20:40 after the Governor’s communication director finally stops disrupting the press conference, the media is finally given the chance to ask us a couple of questions

20:40 – 22:26 we provide the other side the chance to respond, but first we have a one-of-a-kind petition to present.

22:26 – 25:48 wrap-up
          Here’s a very good news story about it, including several pictures:

          To get Olympia to listen to the people’s 6th vote (I-1366), we are more than happy to do a 7th initiative — and an 8th and a 9th. 

         Always remember, this new initiative ( and the signature drive using this petition ( will not proceed and will not be necessary if those 58 Democrats respect the pro-2/3 voters in their districts by referring a clean 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment to the 2016 ballot EXACTLY AS VOTERS DEMANDED WHEN THEY PASSED I-1366 TWO WEEKS AGO. 

        This voter-powered freight train is moving full steam ahead — the only thing that can stop this 7th initiative is 58 Democrats representing their pro-2/3 district voters by referring a clean 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment to the 2016 ballot. 

        The people clearly want permanent protection from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.  And we’re doing everything we can to help them get it.  It’s clear we need your help now more than ever.