If you help us RIGHT NOW, we can score a huge victory for the 2nd Amendment

by | Mar 22, 2020

In less than a day, an avalanche of emails from Pro-2A Patriots has slammed Bellingham’s mayor and city council members (I also receive them so I know it’s a ton). It’s in response to yesterday’s update:

They’re overwhelmed with regular citizens asking them to do something that’s easy: modify their emergency ordinances and remove the offensive anti-2A provisions.

Only one councilmember has responded. Instead of agreeing to eliminate them, in his emails he’s “promising” people that they’ll never exercise these powers (exact quote: “it will not be used”). His emails claim the mayor is against exercising these powers (exact quote: “The mayor would not support it.”).

There’s a lot of holes in that:

  • One councilmember claims in an email the government won’t use these powers — what about other councilmembers?
  • He claims in the email that he knows what the mayor will do — how would he?
  • Even if we believed him, what about a future council and a future mayor?

Many of the Pro-2A Patriots who received his emailed response asked him an obvious follow-up question:

“If you’re never going to do them, then remove them.”

Rather than agreeing to remove them, the councilmember doubled down with an even more emphatic emailed promise:

“The mayor has been clear that he does NOT support restrictions on gun sales as an emergency action, and I agree with him. It won’t happen.”

Same holes.

And if “it won’t happen,” then there’s no reason to deny citizens’ simple request to remove subsections 5,7,9 (here they are: In the event of disaster … the mayor is empowered to do the following: 5. “An order requiring the discontinuation of the sale, distribution, or giving away of firearms … 7. “An order requiring the closure of business establishments where firearms are sold …” 9. “An order prohibiting the carrying of possession of firearms …”).

We shouldn’t have to trust a politician in an email that our God-given rights won’t get trampled.


Your public pressure is working. Buried in a recent response to a Pro-2A Patriot, this councilmember wrote:

“We have asked the city attorneys to look at that.”

The ice is cracking. They know the people are paying attention right now so they’re trying to put this off so the public forgets. They can look at the US Constitution NOW. They can look at the Washington State Constitution NOW. The emergency ordinances are being voted on Monday evening. The offensive anti-2A provisions can easily be removed within those same emergency ordinances.

Now is the time.

I believe we are on the verge of a huge victory for the 2nd Amendment if we all double-up on our pressure.

I encourage everyone to send your emails RIGHT NOW – here’s how:

In the “To” line, copy and paste: mayorsoffice@cob.org; ccmail@cob.org; hahuthman@cob.org; mlilliquist@cob.org; laanderson@cob.org; ptvargas@cob.org; dchammill@cob.org; gknutson@cob.org; hestone@cob.org; tim.eyman@gmail.com

Subject line: One councilmember claims you will “never” use the emergency powers in subsections 5, 7, & 9 to restrict my gun rights. If that’s true, then remove them. There’s absolutely no excuse for you to not fulfill this very simple request in Monday night’s vote.

In the body of the email, copy and paste this or write something like this — TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL:

One councilmember claims in an email that the government will “never” use the emergency powers in subsections 5, 7, & 9 in the Bellingham Municipal Code to restrict my gun rights. If that’s true, then remove them. There’s absolutely no excuse for you to not fulfill this very simple request in Monday night’s vote. We shouldn’t have to trust one politician’s word in an email. Remove the power, remove the threat of it being exercised. These anti-2A provisions clearly violate both our US Constitution and our state Constitution (Article 1, Section 24 is clear: “the right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired.”). Law-abiding citizens have every right to personally protect themselves — this is true at any time, but most especially during times like these. As former supreme court justice Richard Sanders recently said: “Our constitutional rights are most necessary in times of crises, not tranquility.” He’s exactly right. There is absolutely no justification for these blatantly unconstitutional provisions and your emergency ordinances should be modified to remove them. Please confirm you received my email message.

PLEASE, EVERYONE, send your emails immediately.

ACTION ALERT: The city council has made it very clear this is an open public meeting where anyone can attend. I will be there (Mon, March 23, 7:00pm, 210 Lottie St, Bellingham) to speak out against these outrageous provisions because I’m very concerned the mayor and council will ignore us if all we do is send emails. In-person, vocal testimony has always been the most effective way to lobby politicians. Join me if you want to. I hope to see you there.

I ask you to do 2 things:

1)  If you support my efforts to protect our rights during these difficult times, please donate $30 (or hopefully more) to my campaign. I need your help to save Washington from 4 more years of Jay Inslee.  

2) Forward/share today’s update with friends, family, and co-workers. Help us get the word out. Make sure to send them this “one page” about my race for Governor. Invite them to join our team.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.