I’m Deeply Touched By Your Outpouring Of Support. Friends Keep Asking Me: “How Can I Help You?”

by | Nov 30, 2018

As talk radio impresario Todd Herman so aptly put it last night: “Eyman’s initiatives have saved taxpayers $40 billion — and that’s $40 billion that wasn’t available for politicians like Bob Ferguson to pay out to their friends.” 

For 20 years, we have relentlessly given the voters repeated opportunities to vote on initiatives that lowered taxes and put strict limits on the power of government to take more.  Those successful efforts have created tremendous animosity toward me.  KIRO radio’s superstar Dori Monson called them “Eyman haters” and there’s a bunch of them out there.

And every single one of them was laughing and cheering yesterday when they heard of my bankruptcy and divorce.  Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson took a victory lap and said he’d go after me even harder now.  I’ve got a bankruptcy attorney, divorce attorney, tax attorney, and campaign finance attorney.  There’s no sugar-coating it, it’s all awful stuff.

While all this is going on, what will I be doing?  What should you be doing?  What should all of us be doing?

Prayer, first and foremost.  It is my first priority and I ask you to make it your first priority.  And if you’re not into that, then just send as much positive energy our way as you can.  We need it.

And second, I’m going to do — and I ask all of you to do — what Ferguson doesn’t want us to do. 

His lawsuit specifically seeks to prohibit me from doing initiatives and referendums for the rest of my life.  That’s what it’s all about — that’s what it’s always been about.  It’s never been about getting me to pay $2.1 million on a trumped up charge, it’s always been about shutting down the most successful, effective, voter-approved taxpayer protection team in state history.

If we weren’t effective, they’d be leaving us alone. 

If our initiatives promoted big government, they’d be helping us. 

So my singular focus is working with all of you during the month of December to ensure the success of the signature drive for the $30 Tabs Initiative I-976.  We’re agonizingly close to making it.  We’ve reached 305,000 signatures but we need at least 325,000 to make it.  12 years ago with another $30 Tabs Initiative, we didn’t make it because we didn’t collect enough extra signatures to qualify.  We fell just 5000 signatures short because we didn’t have a big enough “cushion”.

Right now, we are literally 94% of the way there, but without those extra 20,000 signatures in the month of December, we’re not going to make it.

That’s what the Eyman haters want.  That’s what Ferguson wants.  Let’s not give them that.  Let’s show them that their attacks have only made us stronger, only inspired us more, only made us work harder.  Nothing will disappoint them more than the qualification of I-976.

At a time when the AG was ramping up his litigation against us, Karen and I went “all in” and sold off our retirement fund and loaned $500,000 to give the $30 Tabs Initiative every opportunity to qualify (http://www.timdefense.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Hyperlink-story.pdf).  But our loan didn’t guarantee success.  We need everyone’s help to do that.

So I ask all of you to take all the negative energy being thrown at me and my family and fight back in a way that Ferguson will hate the most.

To everyone who wants to provide a financial gift to my legal defense fund, DON’T!!

Donate instead to:  30tabs.com

To everyone who wants to provide a financial gift to me and my family, DON’T!!

Donate instead to:  30tabs.com

To everyone who wants to show the government that the people will not be silenced:

Donate to:  30tabs.com

And I want you to know this:  after our $30 Tabs Initiative qualifies at the end of December, I am going to continue to ask you to focus your financial support solely on donating to Permanent Offense.  Why?  Because the donations you give will be needed for the campaign tp pass the initiative in November 2019 ballot but also to pay off the $500,000 loan to me and Karen.

So donating to the initiative helps the initiative and it also helps me and my family.

Let me also say this, and it’s really important:  Jay Inslee and next year’s Legislature is going to go absolutely bonkers when it comes to raising taxes.  I am completely committed to doing initiatives next year to overturn the tax increases they will inevitably pass.

And don’t forget, we have already launched a referendum —GiveThemNothing.com — which repeals the proposed 20% pay raises for politicians.

Do you think Jay Inslee deserves a 20% salary bonus while spending all his time running for President?  Taxpayers are already paying him $354,000 over the next 2 years.  Should he get more?

What about Bob Ferguson?  He’s taking in $320K as AG — does he need 20% more if his only priority is running for Governor?

Go online and sign the petition to veto their pay raises (and make sure to donate too):  GiveThemNothing.com

I’m 1000% committed to fighting these critical battles with all of you.  Our success has always been and will continue to be in your hands.  I can charge the hill but if there’s no one behind me, then we won’t prevail.

As always, let me know your thoughts on everything.