I’m defending $30 Tabs I-976 in court Friday morning — let’s pack the courtroom!! I’m asking the judge to rule and declare “voters were not confused.”

by | Jan 28, 2020

A Jay Inslee appointed judge said voters “may have been confused” by Initiative 976 and put $30 tabs on hold. He didn’t say voters were confused — for that, the judge would need to receive sworn declarations from over 100,000 voters who would swear under penalty of perjury that they voted yes, but were confused, and would have voted no if they had known the “truth”.

No, he only said voters might have been confused.

It’s truly absurd. Voters knew exactly what I-976 did and a clear majority passed it. 

How can a judge, whose employer is the plaintiff, make a judicial determination the public can trust? He can’t. King County’s kangaroo court will hear oral arguments in that particular I-976 case on Fri, Feb 7.

Recognizing that the King County case was a complete farce, I filed my own lawsuit — Tim Eyman v State of Washington — in Thurston County Superior Court on Dec 30th. It will be heard this Fri, Jan 31 @ 9am (2000 Lakeridge Dr SW, Bldg 3, in Judge Chris Lanese courtroom).

I’m asking everyone to join me there. Let’s pack the courtroom!! I’m arguing the case myself — pro se — and so I want as many $30 Tabs supporters as possible to attend. There is strength in numbers. Let us stand together at this critical time.   

It is a very straightforward declaratory judgement motion. In it, I ask the court to rule and declare that I-976 is constitutional. Here’s an excerpt from my opening brief:

Plaintiff asks this Court to declare that Initiative 976 complies with the single subject and subject-in-title requirements of Article II, section 19 of the Constitution; that the policies contained in I-976 are rationally unified to carry out the purpose of the initiative which is set forth in the bill title: “AN ACT Relating to limiting state and local taxes, fees, and other charges related to vehicles”; and that voters were given notice of these policies with the ballot title and voters pamphlet that every voter received and to which every voter had access. Notwithstanding the concurrent litigation in King County, the appeals court and state supreme court will benefit from having more than one court examining the constitutionality of this initiative.

You can read the whole thing here (rest assured, I had great people help me with it):

I also made this point:

Thurston County judges have much greater experience with, and understanding of, the ballot title process making them better equipped to evaluate the initiative’s sufficiency and compliance with the constitutional requirements of Article 1, section 19.

Again, please join me in Olympia this Friday. I need your support.

A handful of people been asked me “when are you gonna drop this $30 tabs stuff and focus on your race for Governor?”

It is the same fight, the same battle.

It started when Seattle sued the voters:

Then Bob Ferguson sabotaged I-976:

And then Jay Inslee called voters stupid, said voters were “confused”, and told us to “sit down” and “move on”:

And most infuriating of all: Jay Inslee refused to implement $30 Tabs like Governor Gary Locke did 20 years ago. By obstructing I-976, Jay Inslee has doomed vehicle owners to paying sky-high, dishonestly calculated vehicle tabs from now until the election. 

There’s lots of reasons to deny Jay Inslee 4 more years — taking away our democracy is certainly one of them. 

Please do 2 things right now:

1) Support me as I defend I-976 by donating $30 to my run for Governor. I want today’s donation report to show hundreds of regular citizens giving $30 to illustrate how many still support our $30 Tabs Initiative I-976.

2) Share today’s update and this one page flier about my race for Governor to friends, family and co-workers.  Please help me find other supporters who can’t stomach 4 more years of Jay Inslee. Contact people you know and ask them to help. Ask them to kick in $30. You are my ambassadors, you are my emissaries. We’re building an extraordinary team and we need everyone’s help to make sure this campaign a success.

Isn’t it worth $30 to you for me to defend I-976 in court on Friday? If you agree, then donate $30 today (Tim4Gov.com/donate) and convince others to do the same.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.


P.S. Support my efforts to defend I-976 by donating $30 todayTim4Gov.com/donate. And please forward this update and this “one page” to your family, friends, and co-workers (https://tim4gov.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/EymanForGovernor-Flyer4_color.pdf). Thanks very much.

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