In 2012, opponents complained: “Eyman has refused to propose a constitutional amendment.”

by | Sep 9, 2015

Opponents are despondent, discouraged, and downcast.  They know that almost 2/3 of voters support the 2/3-for-taxes vote requirement.  Despite spending millions each time, they’ve lost 5 elections in a row on it.  They were absolutely desperate to have the state supreme court save them from a vote on Initiative 1366.

         But last week’s unanimous 9-0 ruling by the High Court rejected their undemocratic effort to stop the people from voting on it in November.  So the voters will get to send a clear and powerful tax message to next year’s Legislature.

         There are countless reasons why we’re pushing for a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment — here are five:

1)  It’s what the supreme court told us to do.  When they struck down the 2/3 law, all 9 justices said we needed to pursue a constitutional amendment. 

2)  It’s what our opponents said they wanted us to do.  During the I-960 campaign in 2007, the I-1053 campaign in 2010, and the I-1185 campaign in 2012, opponents repeatedly told us to pursue a constitutional amendment.  In their 2012 voters pamphlet argument against I-1185, opponents wrote:  “Eyman has refused to propose a constitutional amendment.” 

3)  The policy works.  Over the past 20 years, there have been legislative sessions where the 2/3 was in effect and others where it was not.  The contrast is striking.  During sessions with the 2/3, the Legislature prioritized spending and tax increases were a last resort.  Sessions without it were simply tax-hiking rampages (like this year’s session without the 2/3:  this year they raised taxes a jaw-dropping $17.5 billion). 

4)  The voters want it.  It’s been on the ballot five times and it’s passed five times, each victory bigger than the last.  In 2012, 1.9 million voters passed it, receiving more votes than any initiative in state history.  Almost 2/3 of voters support the 2/3. 

5)  Just like our thousands of supporters, Jack, Mike, and I DO NOT QUIT.  We know that it’s critical for us to stay on permanent offense to protect taxpayers from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.  We’re junkyard dogs — once we bite down, we don’t let go.  We continue to learn, adapt, and persevere.

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