In February, Eyman Warns Legislators They Were Throwing Gas On Tax Revolt Fire

by | Jul 26, 2019

They can’t say they weren’t warned:

I-1082 puts those dirty dog politicians in Olympia on a short leash when they take our money without asking. 

With your help and your support over the next 6 months, I know we can qualify #Round2.

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Print up a ton of petitions and distribute them far and wide. It’s best if you download and print the petitions locally without my involvement (I’m still scrambling to catch up with last week’s avalanche of petition requests!).

But hey, if you need help, it’s easy: just tell me how many petition sheets you want and where you or and I’ll get ya taken care of. Please push and promote getting signatures at summer events.

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#Round2 is a community of heroic citizens who are committed to letting the voters vote on Initiative 1082 (Term Limits on Taxes, Round 2). Invite your friends to join. Print and distribute petitions. Sign a petition. Collect sigs. Find and post signing locations. It’s a great group.