In Olympia, Democrat legislators are angry & bitter, GOP lawmakers upbeat & optimistic

by | Jun 30, 2017

Who’s winning and who’s losing in Olympia can be easily determined by the mood and attitude.  I was there this morning to testify on the final budget deal (more on that below).  Talking with and listening to Republican and Democrat legislators and staffers and other advocates, it quickly became obvious to me that Democrats feel they lost and Republicans believe they won in the final budget deal.  

  Democrat legislators were angry and bitter, while Republicans lawmakers were all smiling and upbeat.  It was striking.  There was a huge difference in their moods and attitudes. 

         Republicans have a lot to be happy about:  they beat back the Democrats’ income tax, the Democrats’ capital gains tax, the Democrats’ carbon tax, and the Democrats’ business taxes.  Despite a full-court press by local governments and their taxpayer-funded lobbyists, the Democrats failed to get rid of the 1% property tax cap on local governments.  The Democrats’ insatiable tax appetite was stymied by Senate Republicans.  And that chafes, that burns, that angers the Democrats so much.  And the special interest groups that fund the Democrats are upset because they’re not getting a good return on investment.  They didn’t get the massive tax hikes the Democrats promised them.

         During my testimony this morning, one Democrat senator rudely interrupted me, saying “He should stop speaking.”  What was I saying that was so offensive?  I was simply highlighting the numerous Democrat taxes that weren’t in the final budget deal.

         Please take the time to watch my 2 minute testimony (notice how dour and sour the Democrats are and how upbeat the Republicans are):

If that doesn’t work, click on this link:

      If the Democrats felt good about the final budget deal, they wouldn’t let my upbeat testimony get under their skin.  

      Ever since the November election, we’ve all worked really hard to send a clear no-new-taxes message to lawmakers.  Working together, we’ve made a real difference this year.  Jack, Mike, and I want to thank all of you for your tremendous effort.  Your hundreds of emails to legislators week after week had a huge impact.  This victory is your victory. 

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