Initiative process: born 1914, killed 2015?

by | Oct 28, 2014

 It seems every year in Olympia certain legislators and powerful special interest groups push bills that would destroy the initiative process.  Last year, they got further than ever before, getting their anti-initiative agenda passed in the state house. 

         Fortunately, all of us working together stopped it in the senate.  

        But those same anti-initiative forces are coming back next year and they’ve made it their TOP legislative priority to pass their anti-initiative bill into law in 2015.  They’ve got 4 contract lobbyists pushing it (probably more).

        So next year, not only are we going to have to fight against massive tax increases, we’re also going to have to beat back this latest attempt to shut down the initiative process.

        The 2015 legislative session is going to be an historic pivot point in our state’s history. 

       Will next year’s Legislature center on protecting the citizens or will it sacrifice the citizens in order to support the government?

        The answer to that question depends on us.  We’re gearing up for the garantuan battle next year.  Will you help us fight back?